The graffiti outside of my apartment

Steven here…
So I live in Independence, Missouri. It’s like Kansas City, but more god-soaked and annoying. When I was walking my dog I noticed this graffiti.





Graffiti: Keep the faith! Me: No.

Graffiti: Keep the faith! Me: No.

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  • indradawn

    I live in Southeast Arkansas–’nuff said. Standing in line at a Walmart, as there was quite literally nowhere else to go in that particular town for what I needed, I noticed a fairly small, white plastic board of some kind mounted on the side of a drink cooler. Someone had scrawled on it the words, “Jesus cares.”

    So I took a pen out of my purse and wrote an S in front of the C.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Cross out “the” and replace with “your”. As in, “you can keep your faith”.

  • Empero

    I saw one today that read, “I believe God died for you and me.”

    Yeeeaah… No cigar, buddy. May wanna read up and try that again.

  • Brad

    You never know, it could have just been a Bon Jovi fan…

  • Gordon

    you might want to add “to yourself” or “out of Government” onto that grafitti.

  • Kodie

    I think this is something sports fans say.

  • fwtbc

    Steven, you’ve neglected the alt text again.

    Could you please try and get into the habit of doing this? When you upload the image, there’s an “alternate text” text field that you can fill in, and that’ll automatically take care of the img alt text for you when you use that image in a post.

    I realise you probably hate me calling you on this, but I don’t particularly enjoy always having to ask for something that should just be done as standard practice.


    • geekysteven

      This is fixed now. It’s a habit I’m trying to form, so I really don’t mind you calling me out on it if I miss it.

  • steven olsen

    I apologize. I forgot to include it in both gthis post and today’s post on voting. When I get home from work I will fix it.