Twitterdump 11/1

Here’s all the stuffs of twitter that didn’t make it onto the blarg yesterday.  I’ve decided “twitterdump” is a more apt name for these posts, so I’m sticking with it.

Glenn Beck is Right

“We need a businessman running this country, not a celebrity.” “Who’s your favorite president ever?” “Reagan, why?”

Sign the kids up for @campquestok mini camp at Skepticon. Ages 6-12 November 10-11. … #SK5

Shenanigans in Florida voting early.

67% believe Romney would very closely follow the policies of Bush. Millions consider that a reason to vote FOR Romney.

In lighter news, here’s my silly hat I’m celebrating Halloween with

Official #sk5 event on facebook:

CNN poll shows 78% approve of Obama’s hurricane Sandy response. Who is the other 22%? Must be the racists. Now we know how many there are.

These are from me live-tweeting Romney’s
campaign appearance in Florida yesterday:

“If Mitt Romney wins, I win” says the rich dude at the mic.

Sign in the audience “Marines still use bayonetts” (yes, it’s misspelled) Do they use them against missiles? That was the point.

“I also have the privilege to stand on stage with someone we all respect so very much: Gov. Bush.” Um…yeah.

“We may submit to this false promise that government can provide security.” Isn’t that their fucking job?

“His strategy is to blame others, namely my brother” ~ Jeb Bush. Your brother was a fuck up. He deserves blame.

What’s more, Jeb Bush, you endorsed your brother. Shall we trust that you know what you’re talking about when you endorse Romney?

“I endorsed George W. Bush fervently. Trust my analysis of which candidates will do great.” ~ Jeb Bush

“If any community understands storms, it’s southern Florida.” Now get out and vote for the guy who wants to gut FEMA.

Marco Rubio talking right now. He’s divisive as hell, and talking about unity (unifying against the others, of course)

“American politics has become too much about winning and not enough about solving.” Hi, have you met the GOP the last four years?

I just don’t get it. Fake tan to appeal to Latinos? Washing clean dishes? Not knowing where fucking Iran is? Obama isn’t doing this shit.

“We need to be willing to do what we haven’t been willing to do for the last few decades: balance the budget” *ahem* Bill Clinton. #stfuMitt

Mitt just said Canada was more attractive to businessmen. I hope the next thing he says is that universal healthcare is bad for businesses.

The Republican candidate talking about bipartisanship. Where was he to chastise the GOP the last four years?

“We have to roll back regulations.” They’re at a huge low right now, much lower than dubya (which I don’t like).

It makes me want to punch things to watch Mitt Romney, who lies as casually as he breathes, talk up character.

PERSONAL: Cancer sucks.
POLITICS: Boehner calls Obama an “anti-war President.”
FAITH: Jesus is not the answer to this question.
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  • baal

    I’m entirely baffled by the Romney campaign coming out anti-FEMA in the midst of a giant storm, tens of folks dead, millions w/o power for a while etc. It’s like endorsing ‘Heck, of a job Brownie.”

    • iknklast

      It’s their constant mantra – private companies can do it better. They can make all sorts of noise about big government, point to anything that doesn’t go perfectly, and say if it hadn’t been for big government interfering, none of these people would have lost their (life – property – sanity – fill in the blank). They try to brand their contempt for human life as compassion – we could have saved more if you would have permitted us to act. (Were any “unborn persons” killed in the storm? If so, we have some idea what god thinks of the sacredness of a blastocyst/fetus/embryo/baby).

  • Buzz Saw

    “Do they use them against missiles? That was the point.”

    Well…actually…the point was that there are less of them and that no one, for obvious* reasons, is raising a fuss about this fact.

    That is the only objection I had. Carry on the good work, Sir!

    * Or maybe not so obvious to Mr? sign-holder.