Twitterdump 11/24.

Let's express our friendship by sending each other funny links instead of actually talking.Here are all my twitterings that didn’t make it onto the blog in the last few days.

Why Wal-Mart isn’t pissing on its employees, brought to you by…Wal-Mart.

GOP says Obamacare hurts small business. Actually, it levels the playing field.

Scott Walker’s first order of business: new voter registration laws.

Judge Rules Against Christian Group in Santa Monica; They Cannot Put Up a Nativity Scene on Public Property

Why Northwestern Needs an Orientation Program on Mental Health  via @sondosia

I interviewed @Matt_Dillahunty at #SK5 and he was on fire as always! Please Listen: …

Among all the churchy stuff… (we were in a pretty churchy environment while waiting to deliver meals to the needy on Thanksgiving, when Dr. Dave saw this)

DON’T give $$$ to Salvation Army this year. They discriminate against our gay brothers and sisters. Print off the…

Why can’t representatives from the two major parties talk like this about energy?

Some disturbing economic numbers (if you’re not rich).

Michigan GOP proposes tax credit for fetuses.

BP hit with $4.5 billion criminal fine, with a potential $21 billion in civil damages possible.

Tea Party Nation still thinks Romney can be in the White House come January.

Voting in the Texas legislature looks a lot like musical chairs.

New post on @emilyhasbooks place! My thoughts on my #sk5 experience …

Scott Lively, virulently anti-gay activist, wants to run for governor…of Massachusetts. @EdBrayton

Leahy seriously backpedals on the anti-privacy bill. He has always supported privacy! Except when he didn’t.

Ron Paul said something crazy episode 1098713271387698.

Bill O’Reilly: racist.

Hostess wants to give bonuses to executives rather than catch up the pension fund for its workers. DoJ stepping in.

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