Twitterdump 11/3.

Behold, all the twitterings that didn’t make the blog from yesterday.

Haha! @Ziztur has about half the followers that I do! I’ll just have to lord that over her until some of my other readers help her out. 😛

Big atheist happy birthday to @Jennifurret!

“I disagree with some of Romney’s positions, and agree with others. Problem is, the positions are all on the same issue.” — Friend

GOP suppressed study that found that tax cuts for the rich did not correlate to economic growth.

Richard Mourdock’s poll numbers are a gift from god.

‘New York Times’ Bully Knocks Stack Of Polls From Nate Silver’s Hands

.@Ziztur had a viral post the other day, so I’m taking her and her hubby out to fancy dinner. Fondu adventure!

Below are live-tweets from Romney’s WI rally yesterday.

“He promised to be a post-partisan president.” The GOP was knee jerk against everything he did.

“He said he was going to create jobs.” Over the last 32 months he has. Stop blaming him for the job decline he inherited.

“And gasoline…” The low spot you’re cherry-picking was due to the economy on the verge of collapse.

“He said he was going to work across the aisle.” He tried! It was the GOP who wouldn’t do it for their life! You lying fuck!

And the crowd cheers. Like millions of voices crying out “we don’t read the news” and were suddenly silenced…

“Do you want real change?” Yes. I’m no friend to Obama. But I don’t want your changes.

“Accomplishing real change is something I’ve done.” Yes, on virtually every issue, depending on who is listening.

“Paul Ryan and I will bring real change to America from day 1.” Yes, remember when you only used to wash dirty dishes?

“I won’t waste any time complaining about my predecessor.” You realize your campaign is being recorded, right?

“I’m going to make sure we produce energy in a clean way…also, more coal.” #FacePalm

“I’ll move to tackle out of control spending.” Obama is the lowest spender since Eisenhower.

“When I’m elected, I’ll work with Democrats who care more about the country than politics.” GOP opposed Dem bills on principle last 4 years.

“When I’m elected, I’ll work with Democrats who care more about the country than politics.” @MittRomney issued over 800 vetoes as Governor.

“I like business, I don’t see it as a necessary evil.” Because Obama totally does. @MittRomney couldn’t sell used cars.

“Regulations and taxes put this woman out of business.” No, they didn’t.

“I’ll make sure parents can choose where their kid goes to school” with a voucher program that could send federal $ to religious schools.

“This is not a time for America to settle.” With Mitt and Obama, we have no choice. I’m settling for the guy who hates the wealth divide.

“The only thing that stands between us and some of the best times we’ve known is leadership.” What, the Bush years?

“You saw the difference when Obama and I were side-by-side in debates.” You lost 2 out of 3! & O did more to lose the 1st than M did to win.

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