WWJTD Podcast: Episode 1 – Ed Brayton

Christina here…

Today we recorded the first episode of the WWJTD Podcast!

We have not yet captured the audio from the podcast, but because we created it using Google hangouts, the entire podcast is available in vlogcast form right now. We will upload the audio to the podcast RSS feed as soon as we get one.

Our first guest is Ed Brayton of Dispatches From the Culture Wars. We discuss how Christians take credit for human rights advances, Freethought Blogs, and polyamory. We answered questions from Amanda and Susan.

If you have questions for us, you can call us at and leave a voicemail at (314) 717-1399, or email us at WWJTDPodcast (at!) Gmail.com

Here you go:

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Courtney C.

    Is there going to be an RSS feed? ^.^

    • christinastephens

      We will upload the audio to the podcast RSS feed as soon as we get one.

  • otocump

    Subscribed! This first one was fun.

  • Jasper

    I figured it would be more about a bunch of people who sit around and ponder what JT would do.

    “So there’s this baby on the train tracks and there’s train coming, but in order to save the baby, you’d have to step off a plate that would detonate a nuclear weapon in a endangered species reserve, but there’s an insane villain that will release a nerve gas into an unknown city if those animals aren’t made extinct.

    What would JT do?”

  • DR

    Was there any reason why the polyamory thing was brought up? It’s not as if Ed was known as a writer on the subject. Or were you just fishing for approval?
    It really felt like a “please dad, are you ok with us?” plea, and it felt very amateurish. If you want to touch on the subject, maybe you should do so with a guest who has something specific to say on the subject.

    • christinastephens

      We brought it up because:

      1. We felt like it.
      2. Amanda, who was the very first person to email us ans ask questions for the podcast, had questions about polyamory, and we wanted to answer them.
      3. We wanted to know what Ed thought about it, since we hadn’t heard him talk about it before.

      We don’t want to limit our interviews to only subjects which the guests are known to write about. So, we’re probably going to ask our guests about a subject they don’t normally write about in all of our episodes.

      That and, it was our first podcast episode, cut me some slack dude. We are amateurs! I am anyway.