WWJTD Podcast: Episode 2

Christina here…

Hey! We recorded the second episode of the WWJTD podcast. Isn’t that fucking swell?

We’ve almost got the RSS feed up so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited version in Youtube:

This weeks’ podcast hosts: Steven Olsen, Christina Stephens, visible JT Eberhard.

Guest: Ben Blanchard of TheSweaterVest

We discuss:  News, 5 best atheists, 5 atheists who should shut up, polyamory, Ben criticizes all of us, Ben talks about conservatives attacking and shutting down his blog, we talk about why atheists should get married, etc.

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Episode 1: Ed Brayton


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FAITH & POLITICS: Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen would like a bill requiring mandatory church attendance.
PERSONAL: Cancer sucks.
“Don’t you just love the New Pope?”
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  • Kate Donovan

    Dammit JT, you keep announcing those FtB-ers :P

  • DR

    Again with polyamory??? Is this the polyamory show? Come on, dudes and dudettes, you can do whatever you want behind closed doors, I really don’t give a damn. But here’s the kicker: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. I might be interested in the podcast, I certainly really like JT and what he has to say, but this polyamory kick you’re on really gives a “please accept us” vibe which is just childish.

    • christinastephens

      Lots of people have expressed to us that poly is something they’d like to see talked about more openly. So we are.

      • Baal

        Modern poly seems a bit better than average at messaging positive healthy relationships so I’m all for more of it. Poly relationships and the poly community have two big problems; 1) time (relationships take time) and 2) the generally negative attitude toward non-monogamy (any thing other than procreative sex in the missionary position really). The Poly are more than aware of these two problems and actively messages better (less harm for the most people) relationship models and focuses on a needs / wants / nice to have model of personal interaction. In particular, I like how they recognize jealousy as an outgrowth of fear (some rational, some not). Once you identify and address those fears, jealousy is much less of an issue. Lastly, people who are successful at poly are better at relationships (they have to be else they couldn’t be poly, keeping 2+ folks happy is more skillful task than just 1). This means that their relationship advise and models tend to be ones that lead to happier people.
        I could go on but suffice it to say that I want to keep hearing more acceptance of poly but also to have poly folks spill the memes and general ideas that lead to even better monogamous relationships.

        (fwiw, I don’t think of swinging as poly and many of the attacks on poly sound more like attacks on swinging. Swinging is a different kettle of fish. Poly also tends to frown strongly on Mormon-esque One Penis Policies (OPP)).