You’ve got questions, we’ve got podcast.

Christina here…

We’re gong to record our first WWJTD podcast this week, wooo!

We’re going to have an advice segment of said podcast called, appropriately, “What Would JT Do?”

Here’s the thing: JT won’t be on every week, but we want to do this segment every week. So, your podcast hosts will channel act as JT prophets and channel the spirit of JT (in other words, we’ll just answer your questions ourselves, because there is no such thing as channeling)

We need your help! We can’t have an advice segment unless someone out there asks for advice.

Do you have difficulty communicating with your girlfriend about religion, because you’re an atheist and she’s a Christian? Do you want to try having an open relationship, but aren’t sure if you can handle the envy? Are you afraid of anti-depressants but know you probably need them? Do you have particular difficulty with a particular religious argument? Do you need someone to explain what P-values are? Do you want to talk about your experiences with LSD in a totally nonjudgmental environment? You can!

Here’s how to play:

Call us and leave a voicemail: let us know whatever pertinent information about yourself you don’t mind being made public, and leave your number if we can call you back.

WWJTD podcast hotline: (314) 717-1399

If you’re not as chit-chatty, you can also email the podcast at WWJTDpodcast (at!)

We need your questions to get the podcast rollin’ so do us a favor and call/email away!

We don’t have any “rules” about what type and scope of questions and topics we’d like to cover, so even if you don’t think your question fits into the scope of what this podcast might be, ask anyhow.

Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.


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