A couple fun videos.

Dum dee dum…reading the news.  While I’m doing that, here are a couple fun vids that got thrown my way yesterday.

First, if you’ve watched any football the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen a couple commercials for Pepsi with an old guy named “Uncle Drew” playing basketball.  It turns out there’s a story there.  NBA rookie-of-the-year last year (and reportedly super nice guy) Kyrie Irving decided to troll a pick up game last summer.  He wrote the lines and set up the “mark” court.  The video went viral and became the Uncle Drew ad series.

It’s hilarious. He’s got the character down, including the walk.

It became so popular they did it again, this time adding in NBA All-Star Kevin Love (and a cameo by NBA legend, Bill Russell).

I can’t wait for a third episode.

So, I finally cracked open League of Legends.  Initially, I hated it.  I was about ready to uninstall the game…

…and then I found Teemo.  For those of you who don’t know, League of Legends is a game in which you choose from a huge list of unique characters and battle against other players.  Teemo is one of those champions, and he’s the freaking best.  He’s tiny and adorable

I mentioned it on facebook, and someone sent me this video of the ultimate Teemo costume: manly Teemo.

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  • tubi

    Another reason why I love having Kevin Love on my home team.

    • pjmaertz

      Go twolves! We are going to regret not giving that guy the max contract.

  • Anonymous

    TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMO! One thing you should know that teemo has a secret global taunt that makes everyone attack you.

  • Matthew Ostergren

    So, I’m glad you found a champion you like. My girlfriend and I had a hard time with LoL when we started out as well. A couple of our friends persuaded us to play with them and they helped teach us the game. But, we found champions we liked, and stuck with it. Now it is easily our favorite game. We play a game or two almost every day. We also like to play a custom game mode known as ARAM, short for All Random All Middle. You should check it out.

    Since you are low level, you probably wouldn’t have a lot of fun in normal games with me, but you could definitely play ARAM with me and my friends. My summoner name is System of Sol so if you send me a friend request I would be happy to invite you.