Blues band makes the right call in animal cruelty incident.

Michaelyn sent me a story about cruelty to animals by a fraternity at the University of Kansas.

Lawrence police said Monday that they were investigating the fraternity for possible animal cruelty involving a live turkey at a party Friday night.

Witnesses at the fraternity house at 1425 Tennessee St. told The Star they saw several fraternity brothers kick in a cage holding the turkey. The turkey was rented for the evening and was not scheduled to be slaughtered.

The party was a catered affair with turkey on the menu. Just not this one.

When the men broke the cage, the turkey fled and raced through the dance crowd of about 150 people. It was allegedly chased, thrown like a football and choked by the neck. When the turkey’s wing snapped, and then its leg, the animal began screaming, witnesses said. A drummer playing in the band jumped off the stage and begged the college students to let her have the bird.

“They told me it was none of my business,” said Lisa McKenzie, whose blues band, Grand Marquis, was hired to play at the fraternity’s formal dinner party. The group had played at the traditional party, which some called “the turkey pull,” for several years.

McKenzie said the brutality nauseated her and the other band members. They ended their gig before the last set and called police.

Good for them.  In the context of what amounts to a real-time Milgram experiment, that was not easy for them to do, I’m sure.  On the band’s website there is a place to send them emails.  Let’s send them some positive reinforcement.  Here’s mine:

I just read the article in the Kansas City Star about the frat party where your band stopped the show early to call the police in reaction to animal cruelty.  I wanted to write to you because I know that was not an easy decision.  When you make your living on gigs you don’t want to make waves.

However, if doing the right thing were easy, everybody would be a good person.  I believe you made the right decision and I think you deserve praise both private and public.  Thank you.

JT Eberhard

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