Christians across the internet are just as twisted as their idea of god.

The internet is awash in Christians straining to reconcile the Connecticut travesty with a god who is too loving to be apathetic. This post goes out to all of them.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be able to believe that I’m having to make these arguments if not for years of watching how religion can pervert reason (and subsequently compassion) in the human brain.  The message that I’m getting here is that god has something wonderful in store for these dead kids, and we should get state-mandated prayer back into schools to stop it from happening to others.

To those who say that these children were lucky, because they are now in paradise with god…

Even if I grant your premise, what does this tell us about god?  He could’ve taken those children in their sleep.  Instead, he chose for them to die in a gruesome, traumatic, and painful way.  After watching god make that choice, why on earth would you think he has nothing but happiness waiting for them on the other side?

Seriously, your religion just caused you to say that twenty children are lucky because they got shot.  How’re those family values working out for you?  I don’t think you’re naturally a twisted person, but for a moment your faith has certainly made you that way.

Some of you are even lording your celebration of these children dying (which is exactly what you’re doing by celebrating that they’re now in heaven) over atheists, gloating about how your faith helps you to deal with death.  Bully for you.  And all it cost you was your good sense and moral perspective.  Personally, it would bring me very little comfort to think there’s a god out there that let this happen, that knew precisely how I’d feel to have my child shot, and orchestrated that event anyway.

But you go on thinking god loves you.

Only through the lens of faith can we see a tragedy and consider it a miracle.  Only through Christianity can an otherwise normal person be warped enough to see the slaughter of children and declare it god’s gift.

To those who say that god has a plan…

First, you just said that god’s plan was for children to die by gunfire and in fear.  Surely god could’ve managed to deliver his beneficence without that.  You or I could conceive of a more compassionate way to get children into heaven.  Surely these ideas did not elude god.  So either god doesn’t exist, or god purposefully ignored the compassionate options in favor of the massacre that took place.

Second, this argument is only ever used to exempt god from looking like a pitiless universe, where human compassion is what makes up for the lack of empathy from the cosmos.  And this argument is used a lot.

Third, by this reasoning, there is no amount of suffering that could ever convict god of apathy. Children massacred? God has a plan. Jews into ovens? Sure burning to death is about as much pain as a person can ever feel, but god has good intent. When human beings, like Adam Lanza, do these things, they are monsters; but when god does them, he’s filled with compassion. I wonder, Christians, if you can imagine any horror god permits (or could permit) that would make him wicked. That might help to establish whether it’s only god who is fucked up, or if it’s god and his followers like Caroline.

You’d never praise and worship Adam Lanza.  Don’t praise and worship the god who endorsed Lanza with his inaction.

To those who say that this happened because we no longer force our kids to pray in public schools…

If you don’t have kids, don’t start, because you’re too stupid to raise them.  Nobody could hold this opinion without combining an embarrassing lack of knowledge with a humiliating inability to even begin to think critically.

If you guys see any more of this stuff, forward it along to me.  It makes me sick.

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • UsingReason

    It is crap like this that makes me affirm that even if everything Christians believe to be true was proven as fact it wouldn’t change a damn thing about how I look at morality and ethics. Even if their God was real and I was placed before him I would only want to be there long enough to tell it to kiss my ass. Then gladly walk into hell by my own choice.

    • Rob

      /me applauds

      Both for the article, and this comment. Both succinctly say the way I feel.

  • Otrame

    Usingreason, Don’t forget to spit in his eye before you leave. That’s my plan.

  • John

    I commend you JT for your stance and for coming out last year about your mental issue….I have body dysmorphic disorder and few other things, I would not look like I have it by the way I look, but looks are deceiving. I’ve seen people who are over weight and other things, yet they still more confident then people who fit and all that. I once was on a forum and almost 6 foot 4 guy was thinking of killing himself for not being tall enough, but it’s all in the brain/mind, but I got off track, let me add my own thoughts in on this.

    Since I once a passionate believer in Christianity and with time got into the more hardcore interpretations of the bible, if we are going by the bible, god had no issues of killing babies and children in the old, god allows children to be slaughter everyday in many ways, if we go by the end time stuff without some of these preachers candy coating it god will go on a mass killing spree that makes Noah’s flood look like a cosmic joke, god will be killing children and babies and almost all life forms when he goes loony tune express, the bible says if god did not shorten the days no flesh will be alive and not all believe in the per-tribulation idea… I need to point these Christians to the hardcore Christian sites that refute that idea with the same source? a book riddled with pole holes and contradictions and absurd stories and magical stuff and does not explain anything using logic using real explanations….god does it all using his magic wand per say.

    JT, evil in the world itself does not disprove a god itself, as some atheist’s have said, god could be a giant evil bastard that is toying with it’s creations.

    Ask the Christians to raise the dead back to life as their bible says they can do, let me see a magical shield be put on people who are being shot at so the bullets just vanish on contact, let me see me Christians to call down angelic creatures to fight the evil people want to take life, I could go, they do not ask for it and for the few that do it never happens….it does not happen because we live a universe that bound by certain governing laws, though we do not understand everything about physics and everything in general, we see the supernatural has never been the answer to nothing, but I know many are looking for answers in why this happened from a god stand point, but ask them why a massive storm rages on Jupiter when no life exists on it….why? what is the point of this from a god stand point? do I need to go on?

    Many religious and Christians are not the enemy, but I cannot respect beliefs that based on lies of this caliber and neither should you or anyone in are position.

    What humanity needs is more love and compassion and to work together, if higher moral agents of any kind exist and want to help us, I will swallow my ego and pride and ask for their help on this world…..but i first need to see if they even exist, for whether they are evil or good is pointless to me in the grand things in the end since we can’t even demonstrate they even exist.

    I’ve seen people debate whether Goku from Dragon Ball Z or Superman is stronger, but in the end though both sides know they are fictional charterers, in the end neither one of these beings exist….though it can be fun to debate it nevertheless. not sure you know what DBZ is, I see you also liked games like Chrono Trpgger and Final Fantasy…both are Japaneses RPG’s and games like Mass Effect are western RPG’s…I prefer Japanese RPG’s… we’re getting way off. I’m only 26, but I want to live to see a better world for all, not some..but is that even possible?


  • John

    Damn, I made some mistakes in the last post, cannot edit it, oh well.

    JT, ask the Christians why galaxies collide with each other, Stars are exploding every minute or less, ask them why there are billions of planets with billions of moons that have no life on them…..why create space so big we cannot even explore it? even if the speed of light was possible to travel at it still take like 4 years to get to the nearest solar system.

    I live in a country drenched in this religious stuff…I’m still dealing with PTSD from leaving the faith, more like complex PTSD, and everywhere I go I see this stuff, there is no way to get around it, for who is the fool, the one that believes in a magical wizard in a magical place that can do anything with his magical powers or me who suspends belief in this stuff as for right now? you and all atheist’s already know the answer.

    Take Care JT and the rest….be safe and have a nice Christmas/Holidays……..let us laugh when 12-22-12 comes…..laugh at the people who said the world would end or some new age thing would happen.


  • fwtbc

    This seems highly appropriate:

    “If you just close your eyes and block your ears, to the accumulated knowledge of the last 2,000 years, then morally, guess what? You’re off the hook, and thank Christ you only have to read one book.”

  • John

    They are about to start a prayer over there about the event

    Being an atheist…you will be loathe by some and your supposed to keep your mouth shut, and their is much negativeness about atheists. I’m nice and a kind person with some flaws that need be corrected, I can become a greater person, try to do good things with the best intentions I could mustered, yet I will be called amoral still by many. I cannot say anything bad about the bible and these gods because that makes me bad, even when these gods looked to be human made constructs to divide humans and make people cry to the sky when does nothing, you can get the same effect praying to a living creature such as any animal, try it, you get the same effects with praying to a god or gods, when will the damn USA and the world get it? I’m not saying humans are the best and most advanced things in all existence, I do not have issues with higher entities, I got a issue with beings that make no sense and humans always do the damn talking for such creatures, what a freaking joke!

    I’m pissed that I’m the one who is considered the fool, yet Christians and other theists are looked as sane……their beliefs are insane! to say a omnipotence god can correspond with science is a freaking lie or spoken with great blanket ignorance, you basically saying my god can change everything I just learned about the universe and science since he is all magical or what they call supernatural…do humans want real answers to questions or do they want to cope out with the supernatural/magic crap that explains nothing……think my friends.

    I read some the comments on the net about the event, they keep saying god this or god that, the devil this, we need the bible, or could get we’re close to the end times crap.

    My De-conversion process was slow and very painful, I’m now coming to terms with my atheism, yet I remain opened minded, but how the hell does Matt Dillahunty And the rest and even JT put up with this stuff so much? it’s only when you take the faith/bible/god/magic-decoder ring off that you see this stuff into the true light of what it is….you all know what it is.

    I’m angry and I have every right to be.

    Rant Done, over and out.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    I think people who say this don’t usually mean that god wanted the victims to die or “took them”. They think that bad things happen and god can’t do anything to stop it because of “free will” (gag!). They say “They’re in heaven” as a consolation when the innocent die. It rolls all the cognitive dissonance about god being loving and onmipotent, into a ball they can toss into the back of their mental closet and not think too much about.
    After all, through most of history, the beneficent god has permitted half the people born to die before the age of 5. Sinful old science mined mankind has almost eliminated these childhood deaths through good sanitation and hygiene, clean water and vaccinations. Makes you think, doesn’t it/

    • John

      Good point.

      I can’t find really any verses talking about babies and young children being exempt from sin, though you could use a few verses in the new testament where it talks about having faith as a child and a few other vague things, but it’s not in there, same with the age accountability crap…no where to found in the bible. if your a real Calvinist, and you can you both the old testament and new and even the good old revelation to show god elects who he saves, that this event was per-ordained and god will either save some of them from hell fire or perhaps damn them all to eternal hell like the preacher Johnathan Edward style from long ago.

      These children are gone and as much as I hate the concept of death, more so then many believers can picture, from my understanding of the brain let alone if you know your science, well, the soul concept at the moment cannot be backed up by are current understanding of science, that includes that some say are energy simply get’s transferred over and over like some sort of reincarnation…..if you ever heard of people saying it like that. this is what reality seems to be at the moment…no soul, it could change, but if your honest with myself then one cannot be justified to believe a soul right now….it is what it is at the moment.

      These petty magical gods people pray to will do nothing. I would bet my money that vastly intelligent creatures from far away would help us before I see a super all-powerful being do so, but do not expect either.

      I never realized before my faith was lost even when I was hardcore about how drenched the USA is about god and religion and other superstitious things, when people are desperate they can cling to absurd things…I know it well and I’m sure we all do at some point.

      Peace and remember to mock those 2012 people who made videos about the end of the world…..I been waiting for over 3 years for 12-21-12 to come and we are less then a week away to finally show this piece of crap date for what it is…crap in a box, LOL!