Christians across the internet are just as twisted as their idea of god.

The internet is awash in Christians straining to reconcile the Connecticut travesty with a god who is too loving to be apathetic. This post goes out to all of them.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be able to believe that I’m having to make these arguments if not for years of watching how religion can pervert reason (and subsequently compassion) in the human brain.  The message that I’m getting here is that god has something wonderful in store for these dead kids, and we should get state-mandated prayer back into schools to stop it from happening to others.

To those who say that these children were lucky, because they are now in paradise with god…

Even if I grant your premise, what does this tell us about god?  He could’ve taken those children in their sleep.  Instead, he chose for them to die in a gruesome, traumatic, and painful way.  After watching god make that choice, why on earth would you think he has nothing but happiness waiting for them on the other side?

Seriously, your religion just caused you to say that twenty children are lucky because they got shot.  How’re those family values working out for you?  I don’t think you’re naturally a twisted person, but for a moment your faith has certainly made you that way.

Some of you are even lording your celebration of these children dying (which is exactly what you’re doing by celebrating that they’re now in heaven) over atheists, gloating about how your faith helps you to deal with death.  Bully for you.  And all it cost you was your good sense and moral perspective.  Personally, it would bring me very little comfort to think there’s a god out there that let this happen, that knew precisely how I’d feel to have my child shot, and orchestrated that event anyway.

But you go on thinking god loves you.

Only through the lens of faith can we see a tragedy and consider it a miracle.  Only through Christianity can an otherwise normal person be warped enough to see the slaughter of children and declare it god’s gift.

To those who say that god has a plan…

First, you just said that god’s plan was for children to die by gunfire and in fear.  Surely god could’ve managed to deliver his beneficence without that.  You or I could conceive of a more compassionate way to get children into heaven.  Surely these ideas did not elude god.  So either god doesn’t exist, or god purposefully ignored the compassionate options in favor of the massacre that took place.

Second, this argument is only ever used to exempt god from looking like a pitiless universe, where human compassion is what makes up for the lack of empathy from the cosmos.  And this argument is used a lot.

Third, by this reasoning, there is no amount of suffering that could ever convict god of apathy. Children massacred? God has a plan. Jews into ovens? Sure burning to death is about as much pain as a person can ever feel, but god has good intent. When human beings, like Adam Lanza, do these things, they are monsters; but when god does them, he’s filled with compassion. I wonder, Christians, if you can imagine any horror god permits (or could permit) that would make him wicked. That might help to establish whether it’s only god who is fucked up, or if it’s god and his followers like Caroline.

You’d never praise and worship Adam Lanza.  Don’t praise and worship the god who endorsed Lanza with his inaction.

To those who say that this happened because we no longer force our kids to pray in public schools…

If you don’t have kids, don’t start, because you’re too stupid to raise them.  Nobody could hold this opinion without combining an embarrassing lack of knowledge with a humiliating inability to even begin to think critically.

If you guys see any more of this stuff, forward it along to me.  It makes me sick.

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