David DeWolf, like so many touched by Christianity, mistakes virtue for bigotry.

Washington State recently legalized gay marriage and marijuana.  Jesus didn’t care much for this, but can’t be bothered to pop down and tell us himself, so his followers are out in force to talk about what a hell Washington has become.

One of them is David DeWolf.

To David DeWolf, who teaches law at Gonzaga University, a Catholic institution in Spokane, the votes reflect individuals disconnecting from the rest of society, “elevating the desires of the individual over the needs of the community.”

While most people might see marriage as forging a deeper connection with someone, apparently that’s only when it’s a straight couple tying the knot.  Apparently getting married to the person you wish if it’s not a person DeWolf’s religion approves of means being disconnected from those around you.

And the community will apparently suffer for these people marrying the person they choose.  DeWolf doesn’t say exactly how this will harm the community, but it sure will.  Perhaps, like the nightmare scenarios the True Believers spun us about the consequences of letting gays serve openly in the military that never materialized, the same will happen here and will convince people that Christian morality is a bunch of arbitrary nonsense.  Personally, I think that would only improve the community.

DeWolf, a Catholic, sees the votes as “sort of a reversion to a less developed way of living,” he said. “The impulse here is a kind of selfish, me-oriented way of not wanting to think about the impact my behavior might have on the rest of society.”

Yeah, those selfish, selfish gays wanting to be happy.

He, too, thinks about ancient Rome. “The introduction of Christianity was the introduction of a way of understanding ourselves that says we’re made for better things, we’re capable of real charity and concern for one another and living a life of virtue.”

Christianity does not hold the deeds to charity and empathy.  In fact, in the case of loving adults who don’t comport themselves to the moral standards of ancient nomads, DeWolf’s Christianity has severely stunted his empathy, not improved it.

And what’s this bullshit about Christianity making us capable of real charity?  What is real charity?  When an atheist donates to feed the needy, is it not real if we’re only doing it out of compassion?  Or is it only real if we buy fewer oranges for the starving so we can also provide them with bibles?

People who speak like David DeWolf about concern for society, as if that means binding the happiness of those in society to a set of rules that have nothing to do with the amount of joy they produce or the amount of suffering they avert, should not be listened to when they speak of how to live a life of virtue.

Christian virtues, which he believes were ignored in this election, have created “much of what we value in society,” DeWolf said. “In my mind, this is an unhappy reversion to a pagan understanding of ourselves and of society.”

Christianity has created swaths of people who confuse virtue with bigotry.  David DeWolf may value that, but “we” should not.

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