Did you think Mike Huckabee was scraping bottom? You were wrong.

So Mike Huckabee said some really stupid stuff after the Sandy shooting and, rather than apologizing or shutting his mouth to minimize the damage, he’s decided his Olympic-size swimming pool full of bullshit is a perfect place to cultivate red herrings.

The vicious attacks that have resulted, most of all of which are based on total ignorance of what I actually said have actually validated my point, but I’m quite certain that was not the intent of both the professional and amateur critics who have demanded everything from my being banned from ever speaking in public again, or wished me a slow and painful death. On that alone, I wish to acknowledge that the left has again shown that it defines tolerance and diversity as being tolerant only of that with which it agrees, and diverse only to include slight shades of the orthodoxy of liberalism to which they adhere. They abhor censorship of their own profanity, obscenities, or graphic violence, but are the first to demand that a voice that invokes the name of God to be silenced.

There might be a dumbass or two demanding that Huckabee be silenced, but the vast majority are doing no such thing.  What we are saying is that Huckabee’s statements following the shooting were heartless, opportunistic, and wholly wrong.

 I would never say that simply taking prayer and Bible reading from our institutions or silencing Christmas carols is the direct cause of a mass murder. That would be ludicrous and simplistic.

Actually, Mike, you did say that this would not have happened had we not “taken god out of schools”.

Does this guy not realize how video works?

So ok, Huckabee says he would never say that godlessness was the cause of the shooting.  That would be, to use his own word, “ludicrous.”  But…

But the cause and effect we see in the dramatic changes of what our children are capable of is a part of a cultural shift from a God-centered culture to a self-centered culture.

So shifting away from a god-centered culture, y’know, where things like school prayer and more Christianity are present, is part of the cause.

We have glorified uninhibited self-expression and individualism and are shocked that we have a generation of loners.

Yes, because being an individual means also being anti-social or unable to interact positively with others in society.  Best we all try to be just the same so we can have friends.

We have insisted on a society where everyone gets a trophy and no one loses and act surprised that so many kids lack self-esteem and feel like losers.

I don’t grant that such a society has been created, but I also don’t see how kids can feel like losers in a society where, presumably, nobody can lose.  Kind of like saying we’ve created a society without food, so no wonder kids feel fat.

We dismiss the notion of natural law and the notion that there are moral absolutes and seemed amazed when some kids make it their own morality to kill innocent children.

Oh you slimy, heartless man, Mike Huckabee.  In Huckabee’s world, the moment human beings stop believing that god told them to not kill, then murdering children can become an alternative to go-karts for a night of entertainment.  In his world empathy and happy co-existence may be part of the human experience, but for some reason they cannot/do not inform the way we treat others (otherwise, why would we need a god?).  We shouldn’t be kind to each other, and abhor mass murder because we care, but because there is a god who made a rule that says killing is bad.

We may not yet fully realize the perfect way to express our inborn empathy, but that doesn’t mean we are so clueless that we can’t determine that killing others for no reason is a shitty way to do it compared to something like giving them a fruit roll-up.

What’s more, I’m a little skeptical of the guy who says humans are so incapable of approaching morality on our own that we need a god who thinks the innocent can be punished to pardon the guilty and who told us to kill people who work on Saturday to set us straight.  Without that god, how could our kids ever get the idea that killing for superfluous reasons is wrong?

Give me a fucking break.

We diminish and even hold in contempt the natural family of a father and mother creating and then responsibly raising the next generation and then express dismay that kids feel no real connection to their families or even the concept of a family.

Ah, so letting gay people get married now contributes to a man, who was born to straight parents, killing his straight mother, and then killing a bunch of children?  Good to know.  Just a passing concern, Mike, but do you have any evidence for this?  The two seem completely unrelated.  In fact, the science suggests that gay parents raise children who are at least as happy and well-adjusted on average as their straight counterparts, with many studies concluding that the children of gay parents are even more well-adjusted.

Mike Huckabee is looking for any excuse to use this tragedy to bolster every ideological stance he holds.  This is disgusting.

And we don’t teach them there is a Creator God who sets immutable rules, a God who is knowable, and to whom we are ultimately responsible.

Most of the parents in this country teach their children just that.  Of course, they are wrong.  There is not a creator god who sets immutable rules (for indeed, most of god’s rules in the bible have changed).  Nor is such a god knowable – look no further than Christians and their tens of thousands of denominations to confirm this.  It’s a rarity to find two Christians who agree completely on god’s nature, and it’s literally impossible to find any Christian with any evidence that such a god exists.

We are responsible to other humans, and depend on each other to live a happy life.  Almost all human beings understand this, but occasionally there are some who do not.

Instead we teach that God was not involved in our origins, that our very lives are biological happenstances and in fact are disposable should they be inconvenient to us, and that any outrageous behaviors are not sin, but disorders for which we should be excused and accommodated.

Nobody is saying that mass murder should be excused or accommodated you sick fuck.  And nobody who believes that human beings are purely a matter of biology (as all, not some, of the evidence suggests we are) thinks that human beings are disposable due to convenience.  And we certainly don’t think that a school full of dead children should be used as a stepping stool to mount our political high horse, like some deep believers in Jesus.

Just as a reminder, by the way…

I would never say that simply taking prayer andBible reading from our institutions or silencing Christmas carols is the direct cause of a mass murder. That would be ludicrous and simplistic.

Huckabee would never say that taking prayer and bible reading away from public schools caused the shooting (even though he did).  But letting gay people marry and people not believing in god, well that could sure do it!  Huckabee whines about how people in our society want to accommodate people like Lanza, yet it’s Huckabee making excuses for him.  If not for people not believing in god, apparently, Lanza wouldn’t have done this.  It’s really the atheists’ fault (and the gays)!

I realize my viewpoint sounds out-dated and archaic…

Ideas become out-dated and archaic when they would be foolish to believe in the light of all mankind has discovered and learned.  Your viewpoint, Mike, sounds out-dated and archaic because that’s precisely what it is.  It is weapons-grade stupid at best, biblical at worst.

…but when that world view was the foundation of our nation’s social contract..

It wasn’t.  Ever.  Compassion, love, and empathy preceded the bible and, as Huckabee is so eagerly demonstrating, far from making us more compassionate, a deep, unflinching faith often inhibits the best of humankind’s instincts.

…we got in trouble at school for talking in class, chewing gum, pulling a girl’s pigtails, or slouching in our school desks. We took guns to school, to be sure, but they were in the gun racks of our trucks and we used them to hunt before and after school. It never occurred to us to use them to murder our teachers and fellow students.  So yes, I can stand the contempt and criticism of the left. I’ll gladly accept their scorn as they substitute creative language with a steady stream of profanity-laced tirades that I’m an idiot, a throwback to the past, and a person who should be forever silenced. But when we as a nation feared God, we didn’t fear that a 20 year old with a high powered rifle would gun down our children in their schoolrooms.

The idea here is that school shootings didn’t happen in the good old days, when we believed in god more.  That is bullshit.  Absolute bullshit.

What a stupid, heartless, ill-informed, semblance of a human being is Mike Huckabee.  And yet, some people will consider him deserving to be lecturing others on morality, not on the merits of the positively moronic things he has said, but because he shares their myth about people rising from the dead.

And all of them will promise us that when compassion and faith are at odds, that faith, their faith, is the path to a harmonious society.

If Christianity made people morally better, this post would have never been written, because Mike Huckabee, who is full of faith, would be a better person.  As it stands, Huckabee is a wretched human being, and his ability to spread his slime is enabled, not inhibited, by a population full of Christian faith.

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