FOX News losing it over rise of atheism.

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Remember, if someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, it’s important to be insulted by someone wishing you well and to remind them that the New Year is the reason for the holiday.

That is, if you want to look like a hollow shell of a person.

Anyway, just in case you were about to crack a smile before watching the ball drop, here’s a reminder that lots of people still think morality is synonymous with admiring a guy who drowned every human being on the planet.

(Via Ed Brayton)

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Tom Fox

    If only it were true that atheists were growing in numbers as large as FN states. I see people flocking back to superstition and myth in alarming numbers. The images of jihadis hacking christians to death in Nigeria comes to mind. The blind faith with which muslims bind themselves to their beliefs is especially frightening. Following the wake of the Newtown shootings in the USA, the understandably distraught citizens repeatedly invoked image of the murdered children as angels as a way to staunch their grief. Imaginary friends abound, whether called christ, allah, jehovah, or whatever of the 3000 deities are regionally popular. Religion is the measles of humankind and we are still suffering from it.

    • TerranRich

      At least here in the U.S., this claim is true, statistically:

      The “nones” are really the group that is growing the most. Not exactly atheism, per se, but close enough for Fox News to collectively panic over it. ;)

      • Jean Netherton

        An observation…many of the unaffiliated are extreme “Christians ” without even being in the confines of an organized religion, which would admonish them against killing. I have met one or two. They are scary.

        • ED Herpnderp

          It is mindbogglingly absurd for someone to classify themselves as irreligious, and yet believe not only in any God, much less that said God came to earth as a man, walked among us, fulfilled biblical prophecy, was murdered, then ascended to heaven, and will come back in order to end the world and burn all the nonbelievers for eternity.

          I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as an irreligious Christian. There are only liars, and closet atheists.

          • cafeeine

            I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the claim. Making the case that it’s absurd for a Christian to call themselves irreligious doesn’t stop them from declaring it so. Some of the ‘Christianity is not a religion, it’s a personal relationship with God’ crowd may well classify themselves as ‘nones’.

          • ED Herpnderp


            It’s a tactic used by evangelicals in order to sell their religion to a society increasingly secular and anti-religion society.

            Those that are pushing this particular point, are lying. They may have been deluded into thinking they are telling the truth, but it does not change the fact that they are progressing what was once a rhetorical tactic –and a dishonest one at that.

          • Bahl Sanchin

            I’ve talked to quite a few hardcore Christians who claim to not be religious. They view religion as a man made and oligarchical structure, what they have is a “personal relationship with God.”

      • Edward S

        I tend to think that the “nones” are believers in such irrationality as “mind science” (A New Design for Living by Willis Kinnear), “A Course in Miracles,” “The Secret,” “What the Bleep do We Know” and the old adage that god is the universe. All nonsense and just as rooted in superstitious irrationality as religions.

        You might argue that at least they are losing faith in fundamentalism. Fine. It’s a step in the right direction. However, without a firm grasp of critical thinking, argument analysis, and what counts as evidence, there is little hope of these people freeing themselves completely from superstitious thinking.

        • scrzbill

          I go to a church similar to what you rail against. Are you familiar with Deist? It is about being good to yourself and others. I think it is worthy.

          • IrishWhiskey

            Deism isn’t about “being good to yourself and others”. It’s about using nature as a basis for insight as to God rather than special revelation, and a more abstract or hands-off definition of gods.

            One can certainly choose to have morals which emphasize doing good, but it’s not any more inherent to deism, than theism or atheism. One could also be a deist and see the cruelty, competition and suffering inherent to nature suggests we have no duty to be good to others.

            Deism is usually better than traditional religions because it discards some of the iron age rules on slavery and misogyny that modern moral believers have to struggle to reject while still affirming the reliability and wisdom of it’s authors. But there’s no more sense or morality in calling God the universe, and using nonsense psuedoscience terms as part of superstitious beliefs, as peddled in The Secret and by Deepak Chopra, than there is in calling God a bearded man on top of Olympus who throws lightning and demands animal sacrifices.

            Worthy morals and true statements can survive on their own merits. But to convince good people to do wrong, and to accept lies against or without evidence, requires the authority and suspension of reason involved such systems as religious faith.

      • Anonymous

        Fox News called the Westboro Batshit church “Liberal” and the Nazi party “Community Activists”

    • Randomfactor

      The images of jihadis hacking christians to death in Nigeria comes to mind.

      The cynic in me sees that as a market-share gain for the unaffiliated.

    • kevin

      What you see is people drifting to the extremes. A lot of people who were quietly faithful have become much louder and obnoxious. Meanwhile others who never really believed but were afraid to even look down that path have found themselves liberated by social media. The increase in the numbers of these people further drives more quiet believers into religious activism. The result is a lot more religious people making noise while more people drift away from it.

    • Tessa

      It is sad that you are right

  • Robert Fuller

    At least they held up to their “Fair & Balanced” motto. They had a Conservative Christian and a Conservative Jew on to about how atheists are evil.

  • Thunderchild145

    So fair and balanced that they got a pastor and a rabbi to talk about the rise of atheism. They would have gotten an imam, but they’re just too scary and brown for Fox News.

    • Heather C

      That comment is golden. Also sad because it is true.

    • UsingReason

      I’m sure there is a mathematical equation with the terms, ‘Fox News’, ‘Scary’ and ‘Brown’ that can express this but I don’t have the energy today. But great comment.

  • Cheryl

    Gah! That whole ‘you can’t be moral without God’ crap really gets up my nose. Empathy is what makes people do the right thing. Empathy. Not some imaginary being.
    And of course, invoking the shooting of innocent children while talking about atheists. Makes. Me. Sick.

    • CJ

      Exactly. I once asked a Christian if he would kill me if God commanded it. This guy was a friend of mine, and he hesitated for a few seconds. I explained to him that his hesitation proves he does not have 100% faith in God, he has his own moral code separate from that of the ‘Lord’, and that he should seriously think about if he really believes in God. What most people think of as ‘Divine Intervention’, I think of as human compassion, and the want and need to just do good.

    • Mark Russell

      You wanna know what gets up my nose? Beans. You wanna know how much Medicare has had to pay to have them removed? Tons.

    • Bobby9000

      Cheryl, great post.
      I have had many discussions with friends on this subject…athiests can’t be moral because they don’t believe in (fear) god. I always ask them if god didn’t exist, would they act differently? Would they turn into criminals? They always answer, NO!

  • Ronnie Simmons

    OK, so let’s burn all the so-called “nones” and/or atheists at the stake – maybe we can manage to have a side-show where some of them are merely stoned to death – we could raise money to avoid the fiscal cliff by putting it all on pay-per-view

    • Anonymous

      Or, we could feed the Christians to the lions. Oops, that’s already been done.

    • baal

      Wishing violence on people is not in line with ethical behaviour or jesus’s teachings.

  • Randomfactor

    While it’s true that many of the so-called “nones” are still believers, the telling numbers are when they’re asked how important religion is in their daily lives–not very.

    I don’t care what someone else believes, as long as no centralized organization, be it Fox News or Pope Palpatine, is forcing it down their (and our) throats.

  • Curtis

    Fox News, always fair and balanced, having two Christians on with no one to oppose their nonsense.

    • Curtis

      My bad, not two Christians but point still stands.

  • Albert

    I notice they didn’t include a representative from the secular community.

    • Erik

      It would have been a yelling argument to see who could say Fascist the most times in a 5 minute segment. WE YELL LOUDER THAN YOU SO OUR BELIEFS ARE MORE CORRECT

  • SpiritOnParole

    Looks like someone is in a panic over the loss of their donations!

  • Aaron Faby

    Did anyone catch the following contradiction by the Pastor:
    “We don’t each some man made creed, we teach the Bible.”

    • Aaron Faby

      That should be “teach some made creed”.

      • Aaron Faby

        Whatever, I can’t type today.

        • chengisk

          Fox giving ya jitters!?!

          • Aaron Faby


      • natsteel

        I literally laughed out loud when he said that.

    • philippe BRUNO

      I was about to coment exactly about that !!! those guys are incredible… on a personnal note, I think that “nones” are far more numberous than we think, but most of them can’t open the closet, especially in muslims countries. take the whole middle-east, asia…

  • Bruno Moura

    Feelgoodism… I kind of Like it!

  • Joey K

    I saw a video from a few years ago saying atheists were just 1/6th of the population. Now we hear that it has been bumped up t0 1/5. When does FN panic? 1/4, 1/3? It’s a stretch but I’m hoping to live to see the day when it gets to the point where atheists are the majority. If it happens, I’m watching FN all day to watch them scramble.

    • Anonymous

      Someday, Atheists will comprise 90% of the population. With the advancement of science, people can’t live in a fantasy world forever.

      • anon

        Oh I get it, we all become atheists, right about the same time mankind is currently burning itself to death, ww4 is just around the corner, and then when China moves and and starts turning your children into beef, you are gunna wish we had an judeo-christain state. garanteed

        • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

          Because… Judeo-Christian states prevent China from turning children into beef while they burn?

          Does anybody here speak Jive?

  • Bob M

    Holy hell, this video is worse for your brain than crystal meth.

    • Anonymous

      Isaiah 45:7 ” I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”
      Prov 16:4 “The Lord hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    If atheists (or “nones”) do become dominant in the US, Fox News will immediately begin broadcasting scare stories about how the religious minority is trying to take away our non-religious freedoms, and how can anyone who acknowledges the authority of anyone who isn’t an American be considered American?

    • Nate Frein

      I wonder if they’d have the brains to rename themselves before rebranding themselves in that way.

      I think you’re absolutely right, though.

  • Edite Vidins

    Happy New Year

  • Johnje

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Happy Holidays” after Christmas ends.

    • Randomfactor

      Happy Holidays.

  • Janine Christian

    Happy Holidays cames from Happy Holy Days, so what’s the problem? Merry Christmas comes from Mary’s Christ’s Mass. Seems like the evangelicals would have more problems with it.

  • AntiNaziEqualistAnarchist


    • Anonymous

      The tide goes in and the tide goes out.

      • Joey K

        Can’t explain that.

        • baal

          never a mis-communication

  • Nigel

    I’m amused by the comment from the Rabbi suggesting that all liberals are atheists and that liberal beliefs are anti-religious. So is the Rabbi is suggesting religions are opposed to helping those unable to help themselves? Or perhaps he’s opposed to investing in education … after all religion is often used to control the uneducated. I wonder … exactly which liberal positions does this Rabbi find anti-religious?

    • Anat

      Ironic, since the majority of US Jews lean or are liberal.

  • jack

    They have an item about atheism, and don’t bring an atheist to speak.

  • Rod Haney

    Fox News is a joke. Really, they’re a constant source of material for comedians.
    If they were to be taken seriously, they would have had more time and an atheist in the conversation. But no, they can’t have that! Might make them look like fools by rebutting the ridiculous baptist’s comments like somehow now using the word “evil’ is proof of god???
    And how morality is somehow dependent on religion. If you require religion for you to know the difference from right and wrong, you lack empathy. Morality comes from parents, family, friends, respect for the law and community.
    Religion is without a doubt, the most divisive invention human beings have come up with.

  • Ben Porter

    so when fox news has a conversation on the growth of atheism of course they don’t include an atheist.

  • Cliff Smith

    Well all I can say is thank God for moral relativism or we’d still be stoning people to death for picking up firewood on the Sabbath and buying and selling slaves.

  • Ian

    I wonder if anyone at Fox is aware that Rupert Murdoch’s late mother , Elizabeth, was a non believer in personal gods and the afterlife?

  • scrzbill

    Just because they are unaffiliated does not mean they are atheist. To foxbots, if you are not a flaming christofascist, you are an atheist.

  • Justin Miyundees

    If it’s an example of “feel-goodism” to laugh at a couple of dinosaurs flapping their gums (the fact that they stand to gain financially withstanding), color me guilty.

  • John Trester

    What a coupla morons!

  • Paul Griffin

    Atheist here. I aint even mad becoz it takes me literally five minutes to explain why this is wrong and let people decide for themselves.

  • Ryan Baldwin

    As soon as the pastor spoke of their church expanding and said, “We’re building a $130 million campus” I thought, “…Aaaaand THAT’S the problem.” People will remain willfully ignorant because religion has the (tax free) financial backing to make it happen. They rake in all this money to advance their agenda. It’s no wonder they’d run scared over a group of freethinking people who realize, “Wait a second: I’m giving you all this money…and you’re telling me that everything’s gonna be fine? At least a psychologist would explain what I need to do to change things and not just ‘Have faith.’ “

  • ryan

    it feels so good to be free of the shackles of belief in a god. never forget, believers, you are all atheists, too. you don’t believe in any of the other gods out there like apollo, zeus, mythra, loki, etc. we have just taken it one god further. so all christians, muslims, catholics and jews are 99% atheist. c’mon, drop that 1% and join us. one of us, one of us, one of us :)

  • Dennis

    The Christian godbotherer suggested that the killing of the kids at Stoney Point was an atonement for our godless ways. Does this mean we have returned to the blood sacrifice pagans and the God of the Old Testement are criticized for?

  • DavidCT

    There was a recent (Jan 2 – Nov 30 2012) Gallup poll that surveyed religiousness in America.

    The results were: Very religious 40%
    Moderately religious 29%
    Nonreligious 31%

    The headline read ” Seven out of ten Americans are Very or Moderately Religious.” This completely down played the spectacular rise in non-religious which is 15-20% in other polls. The spin on the numbers was enough to result in someone writing a book “God is Alive and Well: The Future of Religion in America”. An oddly cheery conclusion from number that have never been lower.

  • Ethan

    Best line: “We don’t teach some man-made creed, we teach the bible.” Uh, okay.

  • Roy

    Well obviously not every single person on the planet, I mean he did spare Noah and all of his family or nobody would be on the planet. OH and then were all of the animals Noah and his family were instructed to bring onto the Ark with them.

    • Anonymous

      oh don’t worry they had to have been all genotyped and kept in a sotrage database then cloned. fucking creationist idiots. smh

  • Pradyumna Kamat

    Much like fashion, religion and the religious sentiments of majority of the global population, which I’d prefer to term as the ‘mob’, are equally subject to the pendulum effect, wherein while religion is in ‘fashion’ today (and I prefer this term over saying atheism is seen as taboo, which unfortunately it often is), atheism would most likely be in fashion tomorrow, and people will perpetually and yet unavoidably keep swinging back and forth until science cultivates definitive answers which is the inevitability of time itself, since the human mind wouldn’t let people be content with whatever they currently believe in, or rather not.

  • Max

    Have I got that right ? He said the school shooting happened due to a lack of religion in the world !? First I thought they’d say the same dumb things those people usually do say, but the last seconds just killed it ! How can a man say that you need to have faith in “god” for having morals while everywhere on this planet people are killing each other BECAUSE of the mentioned faith ? This video is a perfect example how embarassing FOX and all the other fundi-theists actually are….

  • Atheist Hero

    Atheist and proud of it. I am good without some myth man in the sky. It is not necessary to believe in the superstitious myths of bronze age goat ropers to know the difference between right and wrong.

  • Stephanie Palmer

    What the hell does Fox news (LOL) care what people believe? Is it really important to anyone but the individual?

  • Scott

    Religion is nothing more than a false security blanket for the immature, the insecure, and the ill informed people of the world.

    Did you ever notice that religion is strongest where the people are ignorant or downright stupid?

  • Duane

    I found it interesting that the Baptist Pastor spent his entire part of the segment essentially doing a commercial for his church rather than addressing the subject.

  • Anonymous

    I want to slap the bald guy

  • Tim.Nash

    This kind of thing is why Fox news is so ridiculed not just in America but around the world.

    By not including an Atheist in the discussion, we have two people just agreeing with each other and a state of bewilderment as to why this is could be happening.

    To include an Atheist would be to ligitimise the group on a conservative channel, but by not including them they only strengthen the feeling even to conservatives that there is something missing from this story.

    It is ironic that this exact situation is how the early christians drew together and conslodated their ideas.

  • Apathostic

    Two comments:
    1. The only reason popes, priests, imams, rabbis, preachers and evangelical ministers are upset by the rise of atheism is the loss of revenue, the loss of their power-base and their eventual unemployment.
    2. If these people believe humanity needs a work of fiction to tell them it is wrong to murder, then the problem is not with the book, it’s with these people.

  • Stranger Smith

    What I heard in this video:

    Gobbledy gook blah blah blah hocus pocus ching chang walla walla bing bang.

  • baal

    What’s with all the comments about what the ‘nones’ mean to you or what you think about them? The report is one the link.
    The nones are not fundies who are disappointed in the lack of zeal in the christian churches. Most have some lingering woo or supernatural belief but the numbers of actual atheists is rising. The nones, by and large, appear to find religion and god worship to be irrelevant or that the religions do things they don’t like. This tells me that the atheists / secularists have an opportunity to ‘convert’ more folks as they leave organized religion rather than a groundswell for us (though with the atheist label #’s going up, that’s happening too).