Jon Stewart on the failed disabilities treaty.

There were several occasions when the disabilities treaty failed in the senate where I was going to write about it, and then other stuff came up.  Good thing, because I couldn’t have done nearly as well as Jon Stewart did with it.

Face. Palm.

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  • Ani J. Sharmin

    Thanks for posting this, JT. I try to keep up hope, but honestly, sometimes I despair for humanity. Rock bottom, indeed.

  • Liberated Liberal

    Two major things stood out to me:

    1) The Republicans voted against this bill for two big reasons: a) The US already has this system in place, so for the UN to enforce this, it would require so much extra time, money and resources that it would only be a pain and accomplish nothing PLUS they have no right to enforce anything upon US citizens. b) That the UN HAS NO ABILITY to enforce this, so why bother?

    2) The Republicans claim that no entity has the right to step in and say what a parent can or cannot do with a child. In other words, the parents have all rights while children have none (this philosophy was expanded upon in Libby Anne’s blog). However, they claim at the same time that women who are pregnant (re: a parent) has absolutely no rights while the fertilized egg has full rights and the government has the right to step in and do what they feel like with that egg. Now, if they consider this fertilized egg a child (as they do), then why the hell doesn’t a woman have full rights over the fertilized egg?

    They are so fucking stupid that they can’t keep from contradicting any single thought they have. How do they live in their own heads?

    • Ciaphas

      You need to remember that just about everything they say in public is a pack of lies. They oppose the treaty because the UN = Satan but they know that sounds crazy so they make shit up that sounds slightly less nuts.

      • Compuholic

        I will probably be sorry for asking this: When you say that the Republicans think that the UN = Satan. Do they mean that metaphorically as in UN = evil or literally.

        • DR

          Well, many of them think that “Left Behind” is non fiction. So in those cases, I’d say: pretty damn close to literally.

  • baal

    We used to (as a country) be the ones drafting and pushing other countries to adopt these types of measures (and this one is based on the US American Disability Act… we already have the ‘treaty’ enacted in US as native law). Pushing others to get in line with moral stuff or protecting the people is a good rhetorical position and often looks like leadership. When were in the back of the pack and struggling to have a better image than Syria, yeah, that’s the opposite of looking like a leader. It’s small wonder that China, India and Europe (well france/germany and it’s a lesser extent) have been flexing their international muscles in light of a reduced reputation US.