Likely upcoming Senator wants you to know how difficult it is for a minority like Christians in the United States.

South Carolina resident, Ashley Miller, will love this one.  After Jim DeMint resigned his senate seat in that state to take over a conservative think tank, governor Nikki Haley began the search for his replacement.  The most likely person to fill that role is Tim Scott, and he’s a winner just like Charlie Sheen.  He’s a Christian, who has come through tremendous persecution to get where he is.

Over the last 17 years of public service, I have seen the concept of faith tested time and time again. The greatest minority under assault today are Christians. No doubt about it.

When I was on county council in 1995, I posted the Ten Commandments. And the ACLU and the folks for separation of church and state all came and attacked us at Charleston County and said we were wasting taxpayer dollars.

Because in wingnut land, being told you can’t break the law is tantamount to persecution, and being a part of a demographic that makes up about 70% of the population makes you a minority.

I love how it’s always the liberals and the ACLU to blame for persecuting the poor, poor Christians, and never the bodies of real authority.  What about the judges – the arbiters of the Constitution, which conservatives claim to love more than any Americans ever in the history of always?  How come the judges who keep ruling against the Tim Scott’s of the world are never fingered as culpable for this “persecution”?  After all, if the violators of the separation of church and state weren’t breaking the law, then they’d be winning those lawsuits instead of losing them right and left, and they’d have nothing to worry about from the ACLU with regards to their ability to keep posting sectarian religious propaganda in government buildings.

The obvious truth is that the ACLU and the adjudicators of the law in this country are persecuting people like Tim Scott the same way they “persecute” tax evaders.

(Via Ed Brayton)

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