Michigan senate advances anti-gay bill, ironically citing “conscience.”

This is disgusting.  The state senate in Michigan has advanced a bill that would protect doctors who refused treatment to gay people.

The Michigan Senate’s Committee on Health Policy has approved a bill that would protect health care professionals who wish to discriminate against the LGBT community. Under the guise of “religious liberty and conscience protection,” Senate Bill 975 would allow health facilities to refuse to provide any health care service for any reason of “conscience,” which includes “religious beliefs, moral convictions, or ethical principles”:

A health facility may assert as a matter of conscience an objection to providing a health care service and may decline to provide a health care service that violates its conscience pursuant to this section. If a health facility asserts as a matter of conscience an objection to providing a health care service under this section, the health facility shall apply that objection equally to all patients that it serves, subject to this act.

The bill waives any civil, criminal, or administrative liability for the facilities that choose to discriminate, so no legal recourse would be possible. Instead, it guarantees damages for any person who is forced to violate their “conscience.”

If a religious hospital doesn’t want to treat someone because those in charge don’t approve of who the patient loves, they could just watch them die.  No penalty can be assigned.  Apparently when it comes to “conscience laws”, greater respect is given to those with a conscience deficiency than to the well-being of, y’know, humans.

But demand that a doctor treats a gay person, regardless of who they love, and you could have your ass sued off.

Repeatedly, we are told the world is better when religion is present.  It seems to me this kind of overt disdain for normal people and their health would not exist without a deep Christian faith in millions of citizens and the government they influence.

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