Senator arrested for drunk-driving.

Sometimes people say they don’t drink alcohol because of their Mormon faith when they’re running for the senate.

Crapo in 2010 said that he was motivated to sponsor legislation to reduce taxes on small beer brewers because of his pro-business views. The Mormon lawmaker told The Associated Press that if the measure was approved, he would celebrate with root beer because he doesn’t consume alcohol.

And sometimes those same people get arrested for drunk driving.

This makes him a violator of both the Mormon prohibition on alcohol and not lying.  Scandal!  I’ve always said that if you’re going to defy scripture, go hog wild.

The drunk-driving is a no-no, and that’s what really has me pissed at Crapo.  But there’s a part of me that really sympathizes with him, and it’s the same part of me that pops up whenever I see a religious person trying to pack their humanity into a box to conform to a bunch of arbitrary rules.

While making every effort to deny human nature, conservatives seem to know about human nature, and dip their toes in when they think nobody’s looking.  They’ll talk about the evils of sex or homosexuality, all while conservative states are the highest consumers of porn, including gay porn.  Not to mention the fact that several conservative legislators have been caught consummating their relationship with their real selves with other dudes.  They’ll also have pre-marital sex, just about every one of them, and enjoy the hell out of it until guilt seeps in, not from their conscience, but from the religion warping it.  They’ll see the fun in the responsible use of particular drugs, including alcohol, but will support legislation yo have pot smokers thrown in jail (and watching the impact their incarceration has on the lives of their families, all while boasting their family values).

In short, pre-marital sex, sex with multiple parties (if you’re into that), sex with people of the same gender (if you’re into that), responsible drug use, sleeping in on Sundays, and all manner of other things are fun, and fun is pretty rad.  It’s something to live for.  And just like I don’t judge Senator Crapo for drinking (though I do judge him for drinking and driving, that’s some bullshit), I do not judge religious people for these things.  Hell, Crapo could have been using the alcohol to mitigate the taste of penis in his mouth and I’d give him a hearty thumbs up (as long as he wasn’t lying to his wife).  But I feel terrible that people like Crapo feel compelled to keep the company of those who don’t love them, and to hide themselves away in order to conform to the expectations of people and a culture who do judge them.  There are tons of religious people in just that boat and there’s no need.  Come be with people like you, rather than languishing with the the people who aren’t (and who would reject you if only they knew).  Come be with the people who will actually love you, not the caricature you’ve built out of shame.

There can be no doubt that religion is what has done this to them.  It’s not just hypocrisy, it’s a denial of our humanity and the means by which we can add more joy to our only lives.  It’s as if they think they can’t drink and also have friends, or that they can’t have the sex they want and also have friends.  Sure you can!  Just pick better friends.  I just want these people to abandon the pretense and live like so many atheists have: pursuing happiness without the guilt imposed on them by the past.

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