Tuesday conversation: war.

I was watching the CNN reports the other day on Syria possibly mixing vast amounts of sarin gas.  The only really feasible use for this would be to stem the tide of rebels, both military and civilian.  A more sinister possibility is that President Bashar al-Assad will use it to take as many people with him should he be ousted.

Sarin gas is a nerve agent that essentially paralyzes the respiratory system, causing its victims to die by suffocation.  Stockpiling the gas was banned in 1993 at the Chemical Weapons Convention (where there were six non-signatory states present, one of which was Syria).  The cruelty of weaponized sarin gas is likely why President Obama has called the transportation and/or use of it a “red line” that Syria does not want to cross.

I don’t like war.  I think both wars we’re in right now are unnecessary.  I opposed the war in Iraq.  But I also am not so opposed to war that I think it is never necessary.  I think we should’ve been in World War II.  Sometimes evil must be fought with more than words or ideas.  War/violence is a last resort, but sometimes it can come to that, as much as I hate acknowledging that sad fact.

Should we go to war of Assad uses sarin gas on his own people?  Should we go to war if he even moves it?  Is war ever acceptable?  If so, when?

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