What would it look like if global warming was real?


Remember this xkcd comic?

You should, because xkcd is awesome. xkcd.com/808/

What could be said of global warming, what capitalist signs would show up if ice caps were melting? Multi-billion dollar international companies didn’t get that way by ignoring reality*, so are they responding to climate change like it’s a real thing?


“We have studied lots of observation data – there is an observable trend that the ice conditions are becoming more and more favourable for transiting this route. You are able to reach a highly profitable market by saving 40% of the distance, that’s 40% less fuel used as well.”

That would be yes. Oil tankers and shipping companies see a melting ice cap, and see trade routes opening up.

There is an expectation that because of changing climactic conditions, sea traffic across the northern sea route will increase rapidly. 2012 has been a record year both for the length of the sailing season and also for the amount of cargo that has been shipped.


Sure, global warming could all be a giant hoax by “the vast majority of all climate experts in existence,” that’s one possibility…….



*Other than the Mormon church, the Catholic church, the Republican party……..


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  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    *Other than the Mormon church, the Catholic church, the Republican party……..

    If reality is bad, you can make a megafortune selling the illusion that it isn’t. The worse reality is, the more highly valued the illusion becomes.

    • Loqi

      Politics and religion summed up in two sentences. That’s efficiency.

  • Compuholic

    The insurance industry also knows very well that global warming is a force to be reckoned with. They are the ones who will end up paying for flood and wind damage. Especially the re-insurance companies who insure insurance companies did carry out extensive risk analysis regarding this.

    Here is an interesting site from the Munich Re about this topic

  • Wilsom’s Pal

    Dr. Burger is not a climate expert.

    • baal

      Thanks for the morning chuckle Wilsom’s Pal. I don’t think anyone would make that particular mistake so you’re being ironic? Alternatively, you’re one of those Heartland Institute (remember them? http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/feb/21/heartland-institute-leak-climate-attack) tools who is hired to troll comment sections on any mention of global warming? I suppose you could be one of those empty headed folks or the willfully ignorant who miss the point. Insurance companies who want to not lose their shirts are pricing product in accordance with global warming models. If they don’t, they will be filing for bankruptcy (Katrina and Sandy type events are expected to be more common in the next 50 years than the last 50).

    • iknklast

      Are you? Because I have studied the requisite sciences, and I will assert that there is no reason to think Dr. Burger has gotten it wrong.

  • Loqi

    Which is why his conclusion follows the consensus of actual climate experts. What’s hard to understand about that?

  • RuQu

    I work doing surveys for nautical charts.

    The vast majority of the work comes in two categories:

    1) Re-survey of major ports
    2) Surveying Alaska and the Arctic to ensure these new shipping lanes are safe.

    Dr. Burger is correct: if you follow the money it clearly shows that climate change is believed in by corporations and governments.

  • John Horstman

    The other thing I’d expect to see is multinational corporations buying water rights to ship water to an increasing number of drought-stricken areas in bottles and tankers for human consumption and massive irrigation pipelines and canals for agriculture and industrial applications. Good thing we’re not there yet, because there really isn’t that much potable water…