Alabama vs. Notre Dame open thread.

So, if you’ve had ESPN on any time during the last week, you know that the BCS national championship game is tonight.

Look, here’s the deal…Notre Dame eeked out victories against Purdue and Pitt.  Manti Te’o has so many tackles because Notre Dame’s defensive line couldn’t stop a box turtle, even against the often meager competition they’ve been playing.  On the other hand, Alabama emerged out of the top of the SEC, playing teams ranked nationally more often than not (and often in the top 10), and which has, perhaps, the best offensive line in the country.

Mark my words, this game will be a joke.  Alabama could send Notre Dame a note before the game that says “We’re going to run the ball every play” and then go out and do it, and still probably win the game.

You guys can all chat about the game below.

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  • Jessica

    Can’t forget about the side of sexual assault and covering up said assaults that Notre Dame serves alongside its schedule full of mediocrity!

  • Trevor Britton

    Alabama’s record is crap. They lost to A&M and beat LSU and Georgia. An LSU that lost to Clemson! Bama didn’t play florida or SC even.
    Meanwhile ND has lost to…oh…thats right… nobody. And they have beaten PAC12 champ Stanford, USC in USC, and Oklahoma, among other relevant teams. Who cares how they won, the fact is they were not bested by any opponent this season.

    ND will not embarrass Bama offensively, but it will be a tight game.

    Im calling a 19-17 ND victory

  • Trevor Britton

    Bama’s amazing schedule includes…
    Western Kentucky
    Ole Miss
    Miss St (lost bowl game to NW)
    Florida Atlantic
    Western Carolina

    And their tough part of the schedule…
    LSU (lost their bowl game)
    Georgia (beat the 3rd best team in the big 10)
    And a loss to A&M who beat OU

    I struggle to see where they are ” playing teams ranked nationally more often than not (and often in the top 10)”

  • Michael Bollenbach

    ND won almost half their games by a score, three of which were by a field goal and only two by ranked teams. Bama had 3 games with a one score margin all against ranked teams.

    ND can’t play with the SEC. The Tide rolls tonight, Roll Tide!

  • Trevor Britton

    Notre Dame gave up 14 points or more to opposing offenses 3 times. Bama let that happen 5 times. (Including their loss)

  • Michael Bollenbach

    4 of those 5 against #’s 3, 5, 8, and 15 ranked teams. ND against Purdue, BYU, and Pitt. Wanna compare shut outs next :P

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Alabama sucks. Notre Dame sucks. You can close the thread now.

  • pjmaertz

    Notre Dame got a whole decade’s worth of luck in one football season, and it landed them in a game where they will almost certainly be over their heads. I don’t gamble on sports, but if I did, I would bet every penny I have on Bama to cover.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if ND pulled off a big upset. They’ve got a good defense, and Bama’s offense isn’t unstoppable. But ND is most probably going to lose, and lose big.

  • Azkyroth


  • John H

    Notre Dame is a Catholic school.
    Alabama’s academic programs are garbage.
    there are no winners in this game.

  • Michael Bollenbach

    Roll Tide!

  • unbound

    Wow…that was as embarrassing as the FCS championship game.

  • tubi

    In the absence of a real playoff, it’s all just pigskin masturbation. Do we all really think Oregon didn’t deserve a chance? Or even A&M, after what they did to Oklahoma? You could say, well, the Pac-10 was down this year with USC sucking so much balls. Or, ooh, A&M lost two games. Right, to Florida and LSU. On the other hand, they beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

    I’m pleased to report that I watched zero minutes of bowl games this year and barely watched during the season. I also realize that neither the NCAA nor any of you give a two shits what I think. Especially the NCAA.

    • unbound

      Try the FCS side of the house. Not as much funding as the BCS side, but they actually do playoffs.

      • tubi

        True. And here in Minnesota D3 is even interesting. “FCS” gives me the creeps, though. It’s just I-AA. And it really brings home the fact that D1 football is the only college sport without a playoff. I remember reading an editorial in USAToday about 20 years ago, Pro/Con for a football playoff. The Con side kept talking about how we should trust the experts, like coaches and writers, who really know the game, to make their best assessment of which team should be #1. I remember thinking, so why play the Super Bowl? Or the World Cup? Or the Olympics? Just give the men’s swimming golds to Phelps and the women’s all-around gold to Jordyn Weiber…er…well you get my point. One of the stupider editorials I’ve read in that paper, and that’s saying something.