American Atheists testing the “equal treatment” waters in Florida.

In Orange County, Florida, a group has been allowed to distribute bibles at public schools.  American Atheists has the right idea.

Cranford, NJ-Orange County, Florida school leaders have given approval for members of World Changers of Florida to distribute Bibles by placing them on tables near student lunchrooms on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

David Silverman, President of American Atheists said, “Orange County is showing favoritism by allowing the distribution of Bibles in the county high schools. This is an issue of preserving the rights of all students, regardless of their beliefs. “Silverman continues, “We will be moving forward to distribute books written by Madalyn Murray O’Hair on atheism in the same manner. Our request will be presented to the school board asking for a specific date when we can place our books in the schools. We expect equal treatment for us; as well as any and all other religions that want to distribute their literature in the same manner.”

This type of passive distribution isn’t a new occurrence in the Orange County Schools. According to the group’s web site, the distribution is an annual practice. An article on the website states, “We are excited to again be able to distribute Bibles in Collier and Orange county high schools.  We have given out thousands of Bibles over the last few years and we are working to expand the program to many other school districts.” (Emphasis American Atheists)

It’s beautiful.  If the school board denies them the opportunity, then they’ve revealed their religious discrimination, which would give even an incompetent lawyer all the tools they needed, and then some, to make it stop.  If they let all religions (and lack of religion in), then I have no doubt that reason will prevail.

In all honesty, I’d prefer they kept them all (including atheism) out.  School is for learning.  The rest of the world is an ideological battleground, let’s keep it out of the way of students preparing to become stewards of the earth.

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