Anti-gay preacher withdraws from the inauguration.

Anti-gay preacher Louie Giglio has withdrawn his acceptance to say the prayer at Obama’s inauguration.  Good.  Sarah Posner says about what I’d say on it.

In it, the pastor essentially places the blame on the gays, saying he is withdrawing because his prayer would “be dwarfed by those seeking to make their agenda the focal point of the inauguration.” Rather than address his previous statements head-on, he merely denies that gay issues have been “in the range of my priorities in the past fifteen years.” Giglio also emphasized his friendship with the president (I noted his a previous engagement at the White House here), and that they share a goal of “ending slavery in all its forms,” a reference to Giglio’s work against human trafficking.

Who is Louie Giglio?  He’s this guy.

First, the picture of the laminin molecule is only that, a drawing.  It’s a technical drawing to make the realization of the molecules involved easier to comprehend.  Here‘s what one looks like in actuality.

Even if they did look like just like the technical drawing, so what?  Why was it not the FSM that gave us the very noodley appearance of string theory (a pattern observed in all matter, not just one very small part of it).  Why was it not the dual gods Asha and Druj of Zoroastrianism that gave us the twin strands that make up DNA?

Also, why a cross?  Why doesn’t it look like a sword?  With the pair bonding throughout the “shaft” of the laminin, it looks more like a caduceus to me.  All worship to Hera!

Or maybe…just maybe…this pattern is just what inevitably happens when you have the right combination of matter under the right circumstances, as it does with every other protein in which god didn’t supposedly leave his calling card?   Pareidolia, look it up.

Second, Giglio is dishonest.  The deferment to some nebulous expert or some powerful conversion story, as Giglio does with his molecular biologist (who apparently had no idea that technical layouts of proteins don’t look like the actual proteins themselves), are nothing new.  It’s a popular trick of evangelists, and an easy one to catch (for all of Thunderf00t’s failings, he does get this one right).   It’s what Giglio is doing with his “this came from a microbiologist, so you should believe it too!” bit.  Well, no.  Because even if your microbiologist exists (which seems unlikely, since it would have to be a microbiologist who doesn’t know how technical drawings work), then he’s still not going through the process of getting his work looked at by the experts, and is instead promulgating it in an arena largely absent of expert criticism.

I am far less displeased with the believers parroting this bullshit (and at the time, they sure were) as I am the people like Giglio lying their ass off to spread it.  This is where tons of amateur apologists make their mistake.  It is not that they are being dishonest, it’s that they were duped by somebody who was.

Giglio should be at the bottom of the list to get to stand up and speak at the inauguration of the President.  He’s a dishonest fool who has spread the poison of bigotry to countless other minds.  I’m glad he opposes human trafficking, but that doesn’t unmake those other facts.

And lastly, Obama…why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  You’re out of politics after this election.  You have no need to placate a voting block that’s not ever going to vote for you no matter how you snuggle up to them.  This selection says a lot about Obama.  There is no more political hay to be made for him with this selection.  Giglio was all-but-certainly invited because Obama thinks he’s a stand up guy.  Boo Obama – I was hoping that underneath the politician exterior that you were better than this.

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