Bill Elliff: 9/11 and Sandy Hook caused by lack of Christianity.

Bill Elliff, a pastor from right here in Arkansas, went on the American Family Association’s radio show yesterday to talk about how the 9/11 and Sandy Hook attacks weren’t the result of maniacs with too much power in their hands, but because of humanism and gay marriage.

Elliff: I think what’s going to happen is what’s happened to every society before us who has not turned back. I was thinking the other day probably in Rome they thought ‘this could never happen to us’ and England in its prime they said ‘this could never happen to us.’ There is something about our humanistic pride that causes us to think, we could never go down as a nation.

Elliff: I’ve often thought about 9/11 and what happened there. God doesn’t cause evil, he didn’t cause the shooting the other day. But when we say, ‘Lord we can live life without you,’ then he says, ‘okay, I’ll let you feel that.’

Wilson: Let you get a taste of it.

Elliff: I thought at 9/11 what happened was God’s protective hand was removed and we felt what pure evil is like. We felt that this last week. That was pure evil, it’s the devil who has come to steal, kill and destroy. He’d just as soon kill a baby or a child in the womb as anything else. God allows that moment, we’re pressing the issue by turning from him, but he allows that moment to bring us to our senses and say, ‘God we desperately need you.’ So really it’s gracious. The pain that comes, the judgment that has really come by our turning away from the Lord is a merciful thing that God does to bring us to our senses and bring us back to him.

C’mon guys!  God didn’t cause those attacks (although, when creating the world, he decided to manufacture cancer, starvation, and psychopaths, but apparently he hates it when those things actually do what they were designed to do)!  God just turned his back and didn’t help, like Peter Parker and Uncle Ben, and look how well that turned out.

Eliff continued…

Elliff: We look at what has happened recently here in the school shooting and the so many things that have happened in the past few years. If we put all of those in biblical context and surround it with the Scripture we would come to different conclusions about what was happening. I was thinking the other day that God has instituted pain in our body, you know when you get a rusty nail that goes up to the sole of your foot that’s a real good thing that you feel pain because it causes you to make an adjustment. God’s judgment is like that. It’s a loving God saying to us when judgment comes to a nation it is God saying, wake up, you have walked away from me and I have loved you and I have so much desire to protect you but when you walk away you forfeit that.

Yes, there are millions of people who aren’t convinced that a Canaanite Jew rose from the dead, and god is so miffed he had to do something.  Being all-wise, when considering whether to come down and say “Hey, I exist” to settle the question once and for all, or to let 20 children, all from religious families, die in a similar fashion to church shootings in America’s past, he chose the latter.  In his infinite wisdom, turning his back while 20 kids were brutally slaughtered was the best way to show us that a compassionate god exists, and not that we live in a pitiless universe where no god is looking out for us or our children.  Brilliant.  The god being defended by Bill Elliff (and millions of believers just like him) is a malicious idiot.

How many monsters like Elliff must we trot out before it’s confirmed that it’s a big enough problem that the world contains a lot of stupid, terrible people, and that religion doesn’t make them better – it just reinforces their stupid, terrible opinions?

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