Can’t a Christian just be cruel on the down low?

Last week, a picture got popular on reddit.  It seems a table of 20 (most likely a large post-church gathering which, I can tell you after years of working restaurants, is the most sure way to get a lousy tip) didn’t like the auto-gratuity of 18% for large groups getting added to the bill.  So the pastor did this to the receipt:

Crossed out the auto gratuity and wrote "zero" along with "I give god 10%, why do you get 18?
Love the sinner, hate the bill.

Another case of religion making people more moral.  As a pastor, he almost certainly believes that morality (you know, the antithesis of dodging accountability and of selfishness) are augmented through belief in Christ, the irony of which is scribbled onto that receipt.

So the server put the picture of the receipt on reddit, which allowed it to somehow get back to the pastor.  All of a sudden he wasn’t so proud of his little message.

Some time on Wednesday, Chelsea says the customer who had left the receipt contacted her Applebee’s location, demanding that everyone be fired, from the servers involved to the managers.

It’s kind of like what the Catholic church does.  The problem, in the eyes of the pastor, doesn’t seem to be that he’s the type to stiff a server who just worked a table of 20, but that word got out that some anonymous guy did it in the loving name of Jesus.  Apparently it’s not his fault for writing the message, it’s the server’s fault for spreading it.  Can’t a Christian just be a reprehensible person without accountability anymore?  What is this immoral world coming to?

Sadly, the pastor got part of what he wanted: the server was fired.

I used to be a manager at a Chuck E. Cheese back in the day.  Their policy is very much that the customer is always right.  Seriously, you want free stuff at Chuck E. Cheese?  Just complain.  Let me tell you, when parents think their kids might not be maximally happy at Chuck E. Cheese, they have a real tendency to lose their fucking minds.  You can get some real pieces of work in there.  There were a couple of times when I got into trouble with the higher ups because I asked a customer “How dare you treat another human being that way?” before telling them to leave and not return.

I realize you’re a business and that you’re in it to make money.  But when the money of a single asshole means more to you than an employee, you’ve chosen your clientele – and you’ve made it apparent that people like me who think ill of kowtowing corporate whores with free food coupons rushing out to reward the people who mistreat their employees need to take our business elsewhere.

Applebee‘s is also one of the companies cutting hours to avoid giving their employees health benefits.  Fuck Applebee’s.  I’m glad to hear that Applebee’s and similar companies are paying for mistreating their employees, even if their customers aren’t.

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