Comment of the year.

Holy cow.  I about spit milk all over my monitor reading this comment from wingnut land.

Fuck you you stupid bitch-go back to neverland-no self respecting citizen will ever give up his guns.The 0nly way to stop assholes who want to hurt you is to neutralize them. The sooner you antis realize this the better off you will be. I’ll give up my guns when you pry them from my cold-dead- hands.,

Then Zinc Avenger swooped in and said pretty much what I was thinking.

Hey, Anonymous, you sound exactly like the sort of level-headed calm individual who should be armed. Your sense of proportion and sober attitude reassure me. The sensible way you spray spittle all over your screen when you type by mashing your guns against the keyboard just screams “responsible gun-owner”, not “insecure man-child who models his gun in the mirror every time he takes it out to fondle”.

I know several gun owners, and only one of them scares me, because he sounds like you. When grown-ups talk about gun violence, and your only input is to threaten violence with a gun, over a gun… Connect the dots yourself, cupcake. Maybe you could pretend they’re bullet holes or something.

Epic, win.  Bluster is a demand to be taken seriously without earning it.  I love taking the opportunity to treat them like a joke.

Also, we keep hearing that Christianity makes people better.  Presumably, it makes them less ignorant and more intelligent, since those things are so closely tied to compassion (the smarter you are, the more good you can do, and the less likely you are to do something hurtful by mistake).  Yet, I find there’s a very high correlation between piss ignorant comments like the one from Anonymous and love of Jesus.  Knowing nothing more about Anonymous than he is irrationally angry, opposed to even sensible gun control laws, unwilling to respond to specifics on the post he’s criticizing, and threatening violence before offering up arguments, who in their right mind would bet even a paltry amount of money that he doesn’t also love Jesus?  I’d take that bet at extremely long odds.

And how could this be if irrational anger, opposition to sensible solutions, an unwillingness to address specifics, and threatening others didn’t occur with far greater regularity among the people who think that Christianity is the most loving religion?

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