Comment roundup 1/25.

Starting in with Calvin Baxter Sr. who opens with a link to his youtube channel and this gem.

In this time and day, our childern need protection. Put prayer back in school.

Yes, in “this time and day” we owe it to our children to use techniques developed thousands of years ago.  Brilliant.

And what, exactly, is prayer going to do to protect anyone from anything?  You know what happens when people pray for the ill without medical treatment?  The same thing as neglect.  Do you know what will happen to our kids if we rely on god to handle our responsibility to fix things?  The same thing as neglect.

Next up, Selah has a message from god.

Extra , Extra read all about it !!! : Darwin says to tell you He was wrong . God

If god is telling me Darwin was wrong, he’s a little late on the message.  Darwin got a lot of things wrong that got corrected when we encountered genetics and the oceans of evidence for evolution’s truth.  So we refined our understanding.

So, on one hand I have oodles of evidence for evolution.  On the other hand, I have Selah swinging by to tell her that god, who could’ve just come and spoken to me, instead came and spoke to her and told her to convey god’s message to me.  You know, for being all-knowing, this god character is terrible at communication.  He made his super credible message indistinguishable from some random claiming to have the ear of god…y’know, exactly the type we all blow off.  You’d think god would make his message easier to pick out from all the loons.

And it’s especially strange, Selah, because god told me that Darwin was right and that you should give me $20.  I’ll settle for a pizza delivered to my place.  He also says your church is a rip off and to sleep in on Sundays.

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