Deadspin responds to Donald Trump – short, sweet, and to the point.

Props to the people at Deadspin for this.

Donald trump sent a tweet of praise at Deadspin, which tweeted back "Go fuck yourself."

Receiving praise from someone as inept as Donald Trump should always make you wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

  • Avery Thompson

    I think everyone should respond to Trump like that. Literally everyone. Then maybe he’d get the idea that nobody likes him.

  • Brad1990

    ROFL What a great thing to see first thing in the morning :D

  • Glodson

    Sometimes, the simplest messages are the best.

  • pjmaertz

    I actually thing he deserves less respect than that. But it’s the right idea.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    That’s three unnecessary words of attention directed at him.