I’m a big bad columnist. w00t!

American Atheist magazine has published my first article, The Power of Coming Out.  To get a digital subscription to the magazine, all you have to do is become a member of American Atheists.  Easy, right?  :)

Here’s an excerpt.

Realize that part of the reason it is so hard
for you is that generations before you stayed
quiet. With every Atheist who makes their
disbelief known, more religious people are
forced to confront the negative notions of
Atheists that have been pounded into them
and reinforced by other believers. Think not
only of yourself, but also of the young people
growing up right now who may one day face
the same social consequences. Do for them
what you wish would have been done for
you. This is what you can do to support our
movement. In the end, this is what we will
have to do in order to gain equality in the
minds of other Americans.

Your life belongs to you. Those close to you
are fortunate that you are sharing it with them.
If you love them, do not share a lie. If they are
to love you, let them love you. Let them love
somebody who trusts them with the truth. I
could sit down and reason with those you love
to the fullest of my abilities for days on end,
and perhaps never sway them one inch closer
to the fact that Atheism does not corrupt
people. But you, in one sentence, might be
able to do more than I ever could. This is the
power of honesty, and it can change the world.

Hope it makes mom and dad proud.  :)

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