Live-stream of my video to ECS.

The other day I recorded a video for a Christian high school.  It will be shown today and live-streamed from this page (it will be under worldview week #4) somewhere between 8:30am-9am CST.

I got this email from Mr. Brink this morning.

JT …. What a gift!

I believe that we will be live-streaming the video. Here’s the link

It will be listed as “worldview week day 4.” I do think that it will be archived – so, it doesn’t have to be watched live. I don’t know that you’ll care to watch it, but I am offering this to you so that I can be transparent … and you can know that we are not showing anything other than gratitude for your work.

Your video will air toward the end (like in the last 10 minutes of the 40 minute session). There will be some student participation toward the beginning, but I want to leave your segment to the end, so that I can leave the students with something to think about as they leave the session. And, by putting it near the end, that removes the idea that I’m going to spend 20 minutes critiquing it. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we can get you some video responses from students.

You don’t know us, and yet have really gone far beyond what we could ask. Your video is clear; it’s poignant; it is super easy to follow. I was hoping for you to just sit down and sort of go from the hip. Though, I appreciate the work you put in … editing it – making it just right. It’s also light … in that it’s not dogmatic; it’s open (and the opening is comical). If there is anything that we can ever do for you, please let us know.

Many thanks,


Not going to lie…as many religious people as I deal with who are back-handed, conniving, and looking to score a “win” at any cost, Noah has been very refreshing.  I’m interested to see how the students respond.  😛

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