Michele Bachmann: setting the standard for being useless.

The first bill of the 113th Congress has been introduced.  Yesterday, facing a House and a Senate both featuring fewer Republicans than the last Congress, Michele Bachmann put forward the 34th attempt to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

Picture of Michele Bachmann with the quote "I don't always say what I'm thinking.  But when I do, it's completely fucking insane."

Since we all know the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result), now this picture can officially go into the dictionary under that entry.

How much will it cost the US of A to entertain and then bury another foredoomed attempt in this vein?

According to a report by CBS News in July, the then-33 unsuccessful attempts by House Republicans to repeal the law had used up around 80 hours of time in Congress, or two full work weeks, at a cost of around $48 million.

By my calculation, the most important thing Michele Bachmann could think to do in Congress right now is to spend $1.45 million dollars masturbating for her voter base.  Remember, this is the party who whines about governmental waste.

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  • Azkyroth

    Useless? I’m sure she has one or two perfectly healthy, donatable organs. Plus she produces carbon dioxide. It’s food for plants, don’tcha know.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    She doesn’t always say what she’s thinking; she talks a heck of a lot more than she thinks.

  • Hilary

    As a Minnesotan I humbly apologize to the rest of the universe and the US for my state producing this . . . . interesting* woman. All I can say is she isn’t from my district so I couldn’t vote against her, and she barely managed to survive this last election with gawdawfull gerrymeandering and vastly outspending her oponent. She’s not really a representative of MN but instead a tea party barbie doll. We solidly backed Obama, have a Dem state House, Senate and Govener, and voted down both the marraige amendment and voter ID amendment.

    Think of her this way – she has to walk into the House representing the first state to vote ‘no’ on a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to straights only, and voted against a voter ID amendment that has been a favorite trick to limit voting rights. That’s gotta be embarrasing for her. If she doesn’t waste too much time and money, having her around for another election cycle could be important to keep a visible reminder of how batshit crazy the tea party is so people don’t forget.

    *if you know Minnesota, you know that calling someone or somthing ‘interesting’ is one of the worst insults we have. Seriously, it really is.

    “How was the movie/play/party/whatever?”
    “Oh it was . . . interesting.”
    “That bad?”
    “Oh well that’s too bad.”


    • pjmaertz

      I live in MN too, got to vote against her once in college. Campaigned against her since. She really is dreadful.

  • Jacob

    I never was under the impression that she could think.

    Always pegged her to be a republican mouth-breather.

  • Don Gwinn

    In all fairness, if we’re going to start opposing legislation in Congress because debating and voting on it is a waste of Congressional time and money, we raise the question–what is Congressional time and money for, if not debating and voting on legislation–even legislation not everyone agrees is important. You pointed out yourself that Michelle Bachmann’s constituency likely approves of this use of time and money by the legislator they elected, and likely would not vote for her again if she didn’t do it.

    By this standard, for instance, all the time the Clintons spent on national health care reform was wasted (and they were insane) because the same kind of reforms had been attempted before and had always come to nothing. They should have been ashamed of themselves for wasting so much taxpayer time and money (particularly Hillary Clinton, as the First Lady, an unelected position–she’d never been a Senator or the Secretary of State at the time.) But that just sounds silly, doesn’t it?

    • Baal

      While Hilary care was a huge change and they failed to prep folks to support it (or have a plan that was clearly supportable), they had 1 overall final vote and didn’t come back and try again another 33 times.

      As Hilary (presumably not Ms. Clinton) at 6:07 Pm noted, she had a district that was redrawn to her favor and nearly lost. I don’t call that support from your constituents. At best, the mostly republican district ratified that they want an (R) vote and had almost any other (R) run, they would have one. The MN 6 is 60% registered republican and she won by 5K votes = .8%. in other words republicans didn’t want to vote for her.

      To your greater point that you can’t really tell intentional time wastes vs normal operation, M. Bachmann’s sponsorship record is banal at best. She’s sponsored about 50 bills in three terms http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/michele_bachmann/412216. It’s largely a set of repeal this and benefit for business that. The remainder is made up of constituent services bills. While M. Bachmann does do a lot of what the rest of them do, she is a narrow minded idealog who’s work in congress has been one of form and not substance.

  • ottod

    “By my calculation, the most important thing Michele Bachmann could think to do in Congress right now is to spend $1.45 million dollars masturbating for her voter base. Remember, this is the party who whines about governmental waste.”

    What makes you think that isn’t exactly what she’s doing?

  • http://leotarvi.wordpress.com Leo Tarvi

    Congress costs $600,000 per hour? I think I’ve found some wasteful spending we could cut back on…