More Jon Stewart on gun control laws.

More Jon Stewart on how fucked up our gun control laws are.

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  • miguel trevino

    every body is talking about gum violence what about non gun violence such as rape, assault,and robbery the people talking about gun control live in a safe neighbor hood and dont have to worry about being assaulted when walking at night i dont know about you but i dont want to be beaten or stabbed and the ones on the media have armed security give me an armed guard 24/7 and i will still want my gun i read a coment somewhere that said a gun in hand is better than the police on the phone . all these people talking about gun control i bet would love to have a gun when being attacted by an unarmed person bigger stronger or out numbered. who do people call when in danger police why they have a gun to protec themself and others if you are being attacted do you realy care who saves you and how many bullits his gun has a civilian with a gun or a police office what are you going to say oh no you cant help me you are not a police man and you should not have a gun so go away and mr attacker please continue with the attack sorry you were interuppted by the person with a gun what are you going to say to a crimminal with a gun im sorry you cant use a gun i dont beleave in them so put it away and use a different weapon to try to kill me it is always better to have and not need than to need and not have so if you are being attacted you want some body to risk there life to save you and enter a fight as the under dog no thank you how many times have things happend that the vitim says nobody did anything people have family and lives of there own to live for if i saw 4 guys beating one and i was unarmed i would seariously think about it with a gun no so much a person should never enter a fight without having the upper hand that is why crimminals attac the people they attack . the city that released the name and address of people with guns should see what kind of effect it has on crime i but the crime drops in those areas i want crimminals to know that i have a gun and odds are you break into my house you will get shot and most likely more than once as far as high cap mags. just like dinner you always want to have some left over when your done i feel it is always better to die in a fire fight than to be slaghtered i think even the victims family would feel better knowing you put up a fight or someone did something dont get me wrong it still would be devistating. obamas speach if we can save one child it is worth it what about the lives it would cost by dirarmming the public how many people have been saved by carrying a gun or by someone who had a gun think about it would you use a gun if you or your child were in danger i have seen people who say they would not but we put a unloaded gun in there hand and pretend to attack them and 9 out of ten pull the trigger knowing it is a test and they will not be harmed thank you for your time

    • banana

      Punctuation is your friend. I barely made it halfway through that rant, and I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)


        Too incoherent; didn’t read

        • LeftWingFox


          I’m afraid. If you were afraid like me, you’d hate gun control too.

    • Brad1990

      “every body is talking about gum violence”

      Yeah well, those bastards at Wrigley’s are a menace to society!

      And also, I have no intention of reading beyond that hilarious first typo unless you add some punctuation.