Music break.

I’m a bit of a sapiophile (sapiophile?  sapiosexual?).  So it just makes me melt when my fiancee teaches me something new (which she does a lot).  However, when she teaches me something new in my own field of expertise…that’s kind of humbling and endearing at the same time.

She sent me this singer, Fabio Armiliato, whom I had never heard of.  Damn, how did I never hear of this guy?


And then my father came across a composer that I’ve grown to love over the last couple of days: Helen Jane Long. She does a lot of piano stuff that really appeals to my fondness for regressive chord progressions.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, it feels so other-worldly. I love it! :)

I love atheism and being an activist, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t very much miss music and performing.  I never really classified myself as a singer, but always as an actor who sang.  Singing, to me, was about telling a story and touching certain parts of the psyche that words alone could not.  It always seemed to me that the addition of the right music always made the impact more profound, and it gave me more emotional range than a monologue.  It was never about having the best voice, but about having a good enough voice to tell the story sincerely.  And I miss that.  I miss searching for that on stage and I especially miss the moments where I found it.

Maybe after I move to Kansas in August I’ll try out for a community theater show.  It’s a pity life doesn’t give you enough time for all your loves.

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  • Mare Lacrimarum

    Sweet! Happy to know a little more rationality is coming to this state.

  • TGAP Dad

    Let me add to your musical enjoyment:
    Joseph Schwantner is a contemporary composer who has reimagined music, especially percussion. He has made innovations including shaping percussion, with the section forming the entire arc around the back of the band forming a stereo effect. Some compositions incorporate water gongs, water glasses, as well glocks and xylophones played with bows.

    Mark O’Connor composes music, mostly for strings, which is often inspired by he folk traditions of Appalachia. One of his most famous is “Strings and Threads.”

  • DR

    Sorry, that Helen Long stuff is just too newage for me. It reminds me of the time I had to work in a New Age bookstore (owned by a Scientologist, of all things) to survive…

    • Michaelyn

      You must have some great stories.