Painkillers rock.

Hooooooooooo boy.  Painkillers: they’re like prayer that works.  I spent all of yesterday feeling great!

This morning, on the other hand…

Anyway, they did my bottom jaw yesterday.  Interesting thing about the bottom jaw: it has two primary nerves.  Anesthetize those and you’re good to go!  So said the dentist’s assistant the other day to set me at ease.

Of course, today I get to go in and have the top jaw done, where pretty much each tooth gets it’s own, individual nerve.  That’s a lot of shots.  So hearing the dentist’s assistant telling me that yesterday didn’t really set me at ease.  Fortunately though, I’m as tough as the equivalent of nails that will be going into my gums.  Nope, not nervous at all.

Interesting experiment I tried yesterday after being encouraged to do so, yet again, by a believer emailing me: I tried praying through the whole ordeal, in all sincerity.  I prayed for my gum problems to go away, but they didn’t until a dentist used the products of human ingenuity and experiment to treat them.  I prayed for the pain to stop, but it didn’t until my parents gave me some painkillers (which were conceived of, and produced by, other human beings).  I prayed for my stomach to stop rumbling, but it didn’t until my other went and got me some yogurt that I could actually eat.  Conclusion: people answer prayers, god does not.  Hypothesis confirmed.

Of course, I’m looking at it all wrong, I imagine.  God was “working through those people”, which is code for “god gets the credit for what people do.”  But only sometimes.  God doesn’t get the credit for when a guy shoots up a school, but when a human being displays kindness or competence at alleviating the suffering that god designed into existence, that’s all god.

Anyway, after yesterday I felt like doing nothing aside from bumbling around in Guild Wars 2 looking at all the pretty colors, and I imagine I’ll be in that shape through tomorrow.  I might pop in every now and again with a funny/depressing news story that gets sent my way, but other than that I’ll pretty much be melting into the couch, eating yogurt and applesauce, and doing generally anything to make my mouth stop tasting like blood.

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