PZ and I are going to live forever.

A new study has shown that expressing your anger leads to longer life.  Booyah!

A new study shows that expressing anger is good for your health.

Researchers at the University of Jena, in Germany, found that getting your anger out and being hot-tempered is actually helpful in extending one’s lifespan.

See you at the turn of the century, suckahs!.  :)

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Fuck you asshole. To the 23rd century, and beyond!

  • Stan

    Nice html, suckah!

  • Randomfactor

    Give my regards to the 22nd. I won’t make the next decade.

  • baal

    I suspect the issue boils down to stress and lack of expression of your internal emotional states causes everyone (except maybe sociopaths) stress. I don’t think the study says going around in a rage all the time is a good idea.

    I also think PZ’s expression of his anger is fundamentally dehumanizing of his targets and people similar to them but that’s a longer subject and semi-OT argument so I’ll not make it here.