Tuesday conversation: League of Legends.

Ah, it’s good to be back at home and writing regularly (which means the regular posts will go back to being, y’know, regular).

Over the break, my brother convinced me to try League of Legends.  It’s a lot of fun, but the people who play it have a high tendency to use the asshole-enabling property of internet anonymity to its fullest.  So I’ve played only one game against other people, who were very serious about victory, and it didn’t go too well.

However, I’ve been playing against bots with my brother and with Michaelyn.  I suck at the game, but it’s fun.

My characters:

  • Teemo
  • Kennen
  • Singed
  • Blitzcrank
  • Twisted Fate

I tried Poppy, but she’s really rough.  She farms like shit in the early game, but boy, does she hit like a freight train if you can keep her at a similar level to the other players.  I also didn’t get into Ryze that much.

I like tanking a lot, and I find it’s the role for which I’m best suited.

Do you guys play LoL?  Which are your champs?  Also, I’m on a quest to unlock all yordles.  So far I have Poppy, Teemo, Tristana, Kennen, and Veigar.  That leaves…

  • Rumble
  • Ziggs
  • Corki
  • Heimerdinger
  • Amumu
  • Lulu

Which one should I go after next?  :)

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  • Jacob

    For your yortle quest, I’d suggest Corki next. He hits really hard when played well.

    As for me, I play fairly regularly with college friends. Level 24. Usually play either Miss Fortune, Soraka, Nunu, or Nasus. Occasionally others. Saving up for Draven, too.

    If you want a good tank, Shen and Nasus are great choices. Shen for his crapton of health, and Nasus for his natural lifesteal.

    • JP

      If you like yordles – out of the group u mentioned and the fact that you like tanky characters . I would go for Amumu – and of the ones you have Singed is a good tank.

      Maybe some other tanks to consider is Warwick , Olaf and if you want to go Full tank try Sion , Chogath .

      If you dont like support stay away from LuLu –

      Corki is a good carry along with the other yordles u mentioned they are pretty much carries – if you take them try go with damage and crit. items .

  • Daniel Schealler



    • invivoMark


      I’ve been around a lot longer than you, sonny. It was ToB long before it was DotA, and it was AoS long before that, way back in the Starcraft 1 era.

  • http://facebook.com/llamagirl Kevin Butler

    I played it for a while. The community sucks. If you don’t memorize every character’s every possible move, then you get berated. Fuck that.

    • Loqi

      Or if you ever have a bad game. Or die. Or if your teammate dies and decides it’s your fault because you should have pinged|you should have dove with him|he totally could have taken all 5 of them if you had followed.
      Honestly, I’m not sure how I’ve ever lost a game, seeing as how I always get 4 teammates who never make any mistakes themselves.

  • Jon

    For tanks my suggestions are:

    - Garen (cheap champion, easy to play, op passive,doesnt use mana or energy and tank all the way, but it lacks CC)
    - Malphite (one of my favourite champions) (Anti poke passive, Ap Tank, agressive Ulti)
    - Nautilus (usefull both in lane and Jungle, Hardcore Tank with some CC)

    I love to play Nidalee (support), Sona(support), Leona(support), Amumu (Jungler), Fiora (Top or Jungle), Malphite (Mid, Top or Jungle), Draven (ADC Bot) and Darius (Top)

    My summoner name on NA is : Unknownkeeper

    Add me if u want to play sometimes :D

  • otocump

    Corki, ‘Rat-thing’, and a few others. Its been a while since I’ve played though. I’m not ‘hardcore’ enough to really give much input. Its fun, but the time investment in a single game is just excessive. I’d rather play 4-5 rounds of World of Tanks then one single marathon grind of LoL most of the time.

  • Jon

    For your Yordle Quest i recommend Lulu… an amazing support :D

    • Lyfa

      Seconded. The suppordle is higly awesome, and higly amusing.

      Aside from lulu, I like caitlyn and ezreal for adc, Kayle or Ahri mid, Elize top and Malphite/Nocturne jungle.

  • N

    I second Lulu – you need some support on there. I’ve been playing for about the same amount of time JT has; I’ve really fallen for the game. The only characters I own so far are Nami, Singed, Teemo, Xin Zhao and Brand, though I’ve been playing a bunch of the free characters and keeping a list of the ones I’ve enjoyed enough to want to buy them eventually. I’m saving up IP so that when I hit level 20 I can buy the good runes and learn to jungle with my boy Xin, who is probably my favorite to play (well, I have a lot of fondness for AP Mid Nami, but only against bots). I’ve been playing with a friend who is a level 30 veteran and often another friend who is, let’s say, rather less adept at games in general, so I’ve been hesitant to queue for PVP since we would be a weird skill mix. People in bot matches seem to be pretty tolerant of having a less-skilled player on the team, but I don’t feel like I’m getting the best education on how to play the game this way (in particular, you basically never ward against bots).

    I’m noradrenaline on there, if people want to add me. I’m probably mostly up for bots or for a friendly match between pre-arranged teams (actually this would probably be really fun if there are 7-9 others who would be interested).

    • Loqi

      Most people don’t ward in pvp either, sadly. If anything, there’s a ward at dragon and one in the bottom river brush. Top and mid always insist it’s the support’s job.

      • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ M

        Which is silly, really. A ruby sightstone on top is fantastic. You can cover the map with wards and see everything with two sightstones (one on top, one on support).

      • Watry

        As though a support can, y’know, do their job with the carry and be in charge of all map awareness at the same time. I can’t be up in top when my carry is gone and the tower’s being attacked, jeez!

        • Lyfa

          Also, even with the season 3 changes, the supports still get no CS, so it’s a bit too much to ask them to ward the whole map with the little gold they get. Supporty junglers are a great candidate for a second sightstone too, sincetheir item requirements aren’t quite as heavy as damage junglers.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ M

    What role do you want to play? Do you prefer AD carry, support, AP mid, top, or jungler? Or are you not enough into the game to have a preference? Do you like tough heroes who can take hits, or squishy champs that must position themselves carefully but can dish out the damage?

    Amumu is a fun jungler. Corki is tough- he’s really squishy. He can dish out the damage, but his turn radius is so big that it’s hard for him to run away and if he gets out of position for a second, he dies.

    Ziggs and Lulu are both awesome champs, but a bit hard to play since they have thrown abilities. In other words, they can miss their spells or be dodged. Ziggs is AP mid, Lulu is support. What’s nice about Ziggs is that his AoE air-burst ability can punt him away from enemies at the same time that it sends them flying, opening distance for running-away purposes. Lulu just gets away- she has a zillion slow abilities and a very nice hit point shield. You can also chase really well with a well-placed fairy on someone, which can extend your range when they try to run away.

  • Loqi

    I also prefer tanky characters. Most played are Alistar (my best), Mundo (my favorite), and Malphite (my backup, because nobody lets me get the first two at LANs…). Currently practicing Singed, because I play a lot of Twisted Treeline for my win of the day, and he’s stupidly good on that map.

    On your quest for yordles, I’d recommend Amumu because he’s a fantastic tank for an AoE team (plus he’s totally a hugger). Rumble is also a lot of fun, but his ult is difficult to use, especially if you use smart cast. He’s got lots of damage, good tankiness, and a fun array of abilities.

  • Charlie

    I think you should go with Ziggs because he is a lot of fun and can hit like a truck.

    I really like Olaf, Jax, and my first love Ashe. I have been playing for a while and I almost only play bots as well. I would love to see a big 5v5 custom game of WWJTD readers go down. Even if it was ARAM that would be a lot of fun.

    My handle is “Richard Cheeze”. Hit me up if you are ever looking for an extra.

    • Loqi

      I prefer ARAMs, really. I have no responsibility to my teammates to play a champ that fits the team comp (so I get to play a wider variety of champs), the time investment is shorter so people are less likely to rage about it, and since the team comps have no guarantee of parity, the people who always need to blame something else for their losing can just blame the RNG and leave the rest of the players alone.

  • Watry

    Nearly all I play is a support Lux, and I only play with friends. Adding a vote for Lulu, as well.

    My big term paper for this semester was actually partially inspired by the LoL community, and this is a good time to ask, I think. Is there a formal/academic name for the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory? Google-fu has failed me.

    • Watry

      Never mind, naturally I find it as soon as I ask for help.

  • Robert

    I enjoyed playing support at first with Soraka and usually play with her. I also play Anivia and want to learn a few more ranged AP characters and support characters (this week Lux and Sona are both available!) I can’t really recommend a particular Yordle to try next as I never have tried one myself. Feel free to add me though (and I have been in godless chat the last few times I was online but that wasn’t much last week – ombakarantes). I work with a team of about 6-7 and 5 of us usually play LoL a few times a week at lunch and a few of us play in the evenings as well.

    I understand the frustration of playing with idiots but the vast number of my experiences have been positive, even in LoL (I also play SC2 online after never playing an RTS online. It can be a lot of fun if you get past the initial nervousness). Of course if you continue having negative experiences, it’s a good thing you can play against bots too whenever you feel like it.

  • jo1storm

    I like playing support or ap-carry. My favourite is Janna, although I’ve used Ahri, Sona and Lux as well. Janna is hard to play well. I usually have between 12 and 25 assists and around 0-4 kills. Now, things I strongly dislike: 1)people shouting on me for ks! : I kill by accident. My job is to slow and interrupt enemy champs. If I kill someone, it is when trying to do those things. And it’s not kill stealing when you had no chance in hell to reach and kill it before the safety of turret kills you.
    2) allies rushing in when I just used my eye of the storm to shield them on less than a tenth of health. Yes, they usually die while it is on cooldown.
    3)wasting my ulti! : Janna’s ulti heals in a circle for four seconds. (5 pulses x 200hp per pulse) It pushes enemies first. Stay in the bloody circle, please!
    4) running from 3+ bots, draining their health to less than a half in the process, trailing them towards my 2 allies full of health standing near our turret, turning to face said bots, only for my allies to start running instead of fighting. Then shouting at me for dying!

  • Laen

    I’ve been working on Soraka and Taric for support roles. Brand and Ryze for AP, Jax, Kog’Maw and Ez for adc, chogath for stompy fun tank/support mix. Of course I’m not actually any good at them, but I have fun playing them. =) Teemo for the vs comp games where no one talks…I’ve been trying to work on Jax as a jungler since I seem to suck with Nocturne and can’t seem to find any other jungler that I own.

  • Patrick

    Top lane: Singed, Shyvana
    Mid lane: Cassi, Ahri
    Support: Leona, Lulu
    Ranged AD: Tristana, Graves
    Jungle: Amumu, Trundle