Volunteer for Camp Quest Kansas City!

I have volunteered at Camp Quest Ohio for the last two years and I will likely do so again this coming summer.  It’s about the closest thing to magic as I’ve ever experienced.  Being a part of young people developing critical thinking skills and, frankly, watching many of them know more about religion and science than I do, helps melt away a lot of the cynicism that comes with reading the news every day.  It gives me hope for the future.

This year Kansas City will host its first Camp Quest and they are looking for volunteers.  If you can spare any time from July 6-10, go fill out this form.  It’s a volunteer position, which means you only get paid in hugs and warm fuzzies, but once you get yourself to camp they’ll house you and feed you for as long as you’re there.  All they want is your time if you have it to spare.

Who knows, maybe I’ll volunteer at CQKC this year if I can manage it.  :)  Dr. Dave and Michaelyn are right there, so I have all the reason in the world to visit that area…

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