Dave Muscato to join American Atheists.

American Atheists has hired a new public relations manager.

“We’re very excited to bring Mr. Muscato on board,” said David Silverman, President of American Atheists. “He brings great ideas and strong activism to our organization.”

“I’m very happy for the opportunity to work for American Atheists,” Muscato said.  “This has long been a dream of mine. This organization does very admirable work in representing the interests of atheists in America, in working toward separation of church & state, and in providing resources for atheists in our country.”

This is a fantastic hire.  I’ve known Dave since we were both small-time activists in Missouri, and I watched him (and co-intern Ellen Lundgren) excel (to put it mildly) as an intern with the SSA.  He’s literally, no exaggeration, one of the nicest people in all of atheism.  Nobody’s perfect I guess.  Hopefully working at American Atheist headquarters will put some snarl into him.  😛

What’s more, I generally view public relations people and communications managers as hired liars who hold the job of white-washing the truth in order to make it conform to an organization’s image.  When the truth is beneficial, they trumpet it.  When the truth is not beneficial, they work to keep it quiet or to twist it.  In a movement that presumes to care about the truth, I think that’s insulting.  If the truth cannot benefit us, it’s we who must change, not the truth.  This attitude is probably why I’m not a politician.  But if your allegiance is to something else before the truth, I’m not sure how you can demand any different from others.

American Atheists, especially Dave Silverman, seem to be the most eager to tell it how it is, and I hope Dave Muscato’s integrity (which he possesses in droves) only serves to continue that trend.  I suspect it will.  I’m glad American Atheists doesn’t worry about offending religious people for fear that they won’t help us to fight religion.  They weren’t going to help us do that anyway, and co-existing with institutionalized unreason is something we do to humanity’s detriment.

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