David Barton knows how to stop school massacres: elementary school kids with guns.

David Barton went on Glenn Beck’s show to talk about the good ol’ 1800s, when everybody had guns.

Sounds legit.

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  • http://pslaplace.wordpress.com PS Laplace

    For those interested in digging deeper into Barton’s arguments regarding gun law and the second amendment,* Chris Rodda has posted a complete refutation of Barton’s historical arguments regarding the second amendment.

    *gluttons for punishment, that is

  • baal

    Why are they green screened into the Oval Office? I know Glen has delusions but really. FWIW the ‘old west’ often had strict “no guns” policies.

  • John Horstman

    Do we even need to actively refute Barton any more? He’s demonstrated such a tendency for outright lying that literally everything he says should be assumed to be false, with that opinion only revised by credible, independent verification of his assertion(s).