Folding@Home and Team Atheism


Remember how there’s that thing you can do, that takes even less effort than prayer?

We’re currently ranked 767 of 217431 teams, NICE.

Top 13 contributors:

1     anamespeltwrong
2     mrrich3
3     Icaarus
4     AuntieM
5     tynk
6     JohnHorstman
7     RandolfCarter
8     herrlewin
9     Random11
10     Shiftymruzik
11     bandy
12     ihtarlik
13     DoctorBurger

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You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger

About doctorburger
  • otrame

    My computer is happily folding as we speak. Has been for more than a year.

  • neXus

    Man, I need to step up my game – I’ve fallen off the top ten! D:

  • John Horstman

    Ooh, I really need to upgrade to v7, especially since I can presumably set it to auto-launch on boot (while the v6 multi-core distribution was a console-based version that was tricky to configure to launch at boot without installing it as a system service). My power at my current apartment is sketchy as hell, and cuts out with some frequency (after which I frequently fail to launch F@H).