Help Christina.

You all know Christina, who writes for this blog.  She’s had an interesting three weeks.

On January 17th, She was changing her brakes when her car slipped off the jacks. Christina’s foot was, unfortunately, directly under the brake rotor, which I’ve heard is really heavy…or maybe it’s just the rest of the car attached to it.  Either way, ouch.

At first it didn’t seem like her injury was so bad – the trauma nurses took some x-rays and said she broke two of her bones.  NBD.  The emergency room doc splinted the foot and kept her in the hospital for a day on IV antibiotics, then sent her home that Sunday.

A CT scan of her foot on the 25th showed that the trauma doctors seriously underestimated the damage the car did when it fell.  The car had actually broken her 5th metatarsal, 3rd metatarsal in two places, 2nd metatarsal in 2 places, severed and stretched a bunch of tendons in her foot which have caused the tarsal bones to separate, produced vascular damage, and broken her heel bone.  She also has massive tissue damage, which is probably worse than the broken bones themselves.  So…really ouch.

After being out of the hospital for about a week, she went back to the ER on the 27th because her foot was looking worse.  They admitted her and basically replaced her blood with antibiotics for 4 days.

Here’s the real kicker: her job requires that she get a work release from the MD before she can return to work.  Despite begging the MD to write her one, he says Christina needs to be non-weight bearing on her foot and keep it elevated above her heart as much as possible – which makes it impossible to do her job (she’s an occupational therapist).  To add to the misfortune, while crutching about her house last week she sprained her other ankle.

I don’t know what Christina did to piss off god, but I’m kind of jealous.  Worst thing that asshole has done to me is hide my other matching sock in the morning.

So far Christina has been out of work for almost three weeks, and the orthopedic surgeon wants to wait a month before doing surgery – the amount of swelling precludes any surgical incisions, as they wouldn’t heal.

This has hit her financially.  Christina has exhausted her savings account and is about to fall behind on her mortgage.  She called me last night to talk about it and she was…upset.  We’ll leave it at that.  She’s too proud to ask for help, and has instead been crawling the basement to ebay things.  Christina loves her job as an occupational therapist, and I have no doubts she would literally crawl to work, were she allowed to do so.  But, alas, she is not.  So last night I talked her into letting me ask people to help her.  We’re atheists with no empathy or moral compass, so maybe we could chalk it up to socialism and helping others in order to destroy America.  That’s how it works, right?

Christina has health insurance – the deductible is huge, but it’s better than owing the hospital everything out of pocket.  But…mortgage.  Advice is also welcome if you have ideas on how to handle the situation.

Also digital hugs and other well-wishes.  Those help too.  But if you also want to pitch in a bit financially, here’s the button.

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