Liberty Counsel goons on gay scout masters.

Oh, those Liberty Counsel peeps.  They think that allowing gay scout masters in the BSA (mmmmMMMMmmm…masters) is akin to letting convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky be a scout master.

As Staver said, “it makes no sense to have a Jerry Sandusky as your scout master and essentially that’s what this policy would open up the doors to” while Barber asserted that gay activists are demanding access to your children, so “what father in his right mind” would let his son join the scouts if he knew that a gay man was serving as scout leader, especially since all gay men define themselves by the fact that they “sexually crave sex with other males” because they are “hyper-sexual”:

Some bigots can try, feebly, to hide behind “Hey, I know a gay guy.”  These two clearly don’t even know an out homosexual.  I can’t say I’m surprised – who would want to be out around these two assholes who will immediately look past every other virtue you hold to hate you for who you love?

The painfully obvious reason the comparison fails is because Jerry Sandusky is a child molester.  That’s why the BSA strives to keep child molesters (whether they’re gay or straight) out.  Gay =/= child molester.

Mat Staver and Matt Barber discussed the decisions by the Boy Scouts to delay the vote on lifting the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders as they wondered what the organization could even be thinking by contemplating such a change, saying there is no way that boy scouts can remain “morally straight” if “you have adults modeling for children what every major world religion and thousands of years of history have held to be immoral behavior.”

Easy answer: being LGBT isn’t immoral.  That’s how they can remain “morally straight.”  You know a quick way to being morally twisted?  Hating somebody not for any iota of malice rumbling around their skull, but for who they choose to love.

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