More epic from Missouri State Univeristy.

This is where I went to school.

Missouri State University (er, Univeristy) in Springfield, Mo. handed out thousands of canvas bags to students last month, proudly bearing a typo that switched the “s” and second “i” in “university.” According to the Springfield News-Leader, a total of 17,800 bags were ordered; the typo appears on nearly half (about 8,500) of the bags. MSU spent $70,844 on the bags and since the error was the school’s fault, none of the cost can be recouped.

I remember once upon a time they paid tens of thousands of dollars for a big tile in the sidewalk right in front of the administration building in which they misspelled the word “succeed.”  *sigh*

  • Mattir

    Well, the DaughterSpawn is figuring out where to apply to college. I guess we’ll strike MSU off the list, although it would make attending Skepticon easier – I’d like her to go somewhere where the administration knows how to spell their own institution’s name.

  • M

    I can plug my alma mater. Well, if she’s interested in computer science, physics, robotics, or nano-tech. UT Dallas is good at those. And it hosted NTSC that JT wrote about recently!

  • ZenDruid

    Dyslexics of teh world, untie!

  • John Horstman

    Awkward, though understandable* – it took me two reads to catch the difference between the two words in

    University (er, Univeristy)

    and only then did I notice the title of the post used the typo version. It is definitely embarrassing. I hope I never am responsible for something like this, as I work a job where it is a distinct possibility. As a counter-measure, I usually type things in Word (though I’ve actually been using LibreOffice a lot more recently, as I’m getting really sick of battling Word’s insidious (auto)formatting routines and after six years I still have trouble finding functions on their Ribbon UI #firstworldproblems) and then paste them into the appropriate form.

    *Only sort of understandable, because “univeristy” isn’t a real word and will be flagged by any spell-check software, like the inline real-time checkers that run in my browser and word processing programs (and not just mine, most of them). Perhaps it had to be entered into a fillable PDF (these are very popular at the university at which I work, despite serious limitations and Adobe changing their license terms to try to extort money from their institutional customers because of the popularity) which thus lacked spell check. Perhaps it was even hand-written.

  • Mario Strada

    Somebody, somewhere within the confines of that university is having a very bad week.

  • Japheth

    Yeah, but Yakov Shmernov(sp?) is a professor here, so there’s that.