NTSC: Greta Christina.

Greta Christina is up talking about atheism and sex.  I don’t envy her having to follow Matt Dillahunty after that talk, but if anybody could do it and keep pace, it’s Greta (and maybe Sam Singleton).

“Some religions ban sex.  Not surprisingly, those religions don’t last too long.”  Epic win.  Pro tip: if you want your religion to survive, don’t make procreation a sin.

When I speak, I make bullet points to keep me on track, but I speak mostly off the cuff.  I find that when I have every word written down and either memorize them or read them that it makes me wooden and boring.  Virtually every other speaker I know feels the same way.  And when I see other speakers read from a paper, they always bore the piss out of me….except for Greta.  Greta rocks it and it always amazes me.

Greta says she has stopped referring to him as “Jesus” and has started referring to him as “the Jesus character in the Christian myth”.  Again, win.

Gah, I have to pee like crazy, but I don’t even want to miss two minutes of Greta’s talk…

Contrary to the arbitrary lines drawn by religion, where the rules are more about obedience to god than the results of those rules, atheists can create a sexual environment where nobody gets hurt and everybody’s desires are equal. Take homosexuality.  Instead of asking “Does homosexuality make baby Jesus cry?” we can ask “Does this make people happy or unhappy?” “When it comes to sex, we need to be willing to listen to the people who are having the type of sex we’re considering.”  Looking at you, religious people who want to control the sex lives of others.

“We need to not make judgments about sex based purely upon what grosses us out” and “no matter what you are doing sexually, there’s someone on earth who thinks it’s gross.”

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