NTSC: Jerry DeWitt.

Someone needs to tell Jerry DeWitt that we became atheists so we wouldn’t have to wake up early on Sundays.  The party last night was great.  There was entirely too much drinking and even more fun.  It ran til about 4:30am for me though, and I got up at 6:45am to shower.  I rule.

But a talk by Jerry DeWitt is about the only thing that could get me out of bed this early today.  This guy’s a great public speaker, so it’s totes worth it.

“I want to take plenty of questions because I have plenty of answers.  And I’m a preacher so if I don’t have the answers I’ll just make ’em up.”  Good opener.  Crowd is remarkably responsive for the morning of day #3.

“They asked me to speak about Sunday morning atheism.”  Otherwise known as “sleeping in”.

Man, Jerry has a pretty shitty history.  He’s talking about the environment in which he got saved – lots of family dying, dealing with depression, etc.  It amazes me when people who have endured, or are enduring those kinds of things can still find the perspective to be constantly happy.  Jerry does it.

Jerry married his wife after three months of dating, due to the cultural expectations of the Pentecostals.  Geez…

Jerry says he’s not brave and equates leaving the church to jumping out a second floor window because the building’s on fire.  Combined with his conscience, he says he had no choice, as unappealing as it was.  After he came out, he got fired by his best friend who had given him a job.  His wife also left him.  This is why people stay closeted: not because religion is believable or because they even want to get up on Sunday morning, but because there are so many potential social penalties put in place by the godly.

“Leaving the ministry is like leaving a sinking ship: women and children first.”  It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to have the livelihood of your wife and child be dependent on saying things every week that you no longer believe.

For the Christians who say they don’t like religion, religion is not some tangible thing floating about – religion is made up of people.  You don’t like religion?  You are religion.

“Put some rituals in your life.”  Two steps ahead of you: gaming in my PJs.

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