Priest who covered up child molestation gets to help decide the next Pope.

Today will be a day of twelve hours in the air or in airports…so content may be a little light.

Remember Robert Roger Mahoney, the Los Angeles priest who covered up, you guessed it, child molestation?  You know, the one who appeared to be cast out in an effort to show the world how the Catholic Church will no longer entrust power to the wicked (and this time they really mean it).

The behavior described in these files is terribly sad and evil,” Gomez said in a statement, adding: “Effective immediately, I have informed Cardinal Mahony that he will no longer have any administrative or public duties.”

Does helping to elect the next Pope count as administrative or public duties?  Because that’s what he gets to do.  There are eleven Cardinals in the United States who will have a vote on who the next Pope will be, and Mahoney is among them.

After the release of damning sex abuse documents that prompted a rare public rebuke from the current archbishop of Los Angeles, retired Cardinal Roger Mahony again finds himself in the spotlight — this time over his upcoming vote in the conclave to elect a new pope.

Despite allegations of hiding sexual abuse by priests and then being sidelined by current Archbishop Jose Gomez, Mahony remains a cardinal, a priest “in good standing” and under age 80 — all enough to make him eligible to be one of just 11 American cardinals to hold a vote in next month’s conclave.

“I look forward to traveling to Rome soon to help thank Pope Benedict XVI for his gifted service to the church, and to participate in the Conclave to elect his successor,” Mahony wrote on his personal blog hours after the pope’s stunning resignation announcement.

Outside the Catholic Church, aiding and abetting child molesters lands you in jail.  In the Catholic Church, he’s one of the chosen few who gets input on who will be god’s moral bastion to the world.

It would be a barrel of laughs if these people didn’t wield tremendous influence over a lot of people, all of which probably feel the need to vomit at the Church’s crimes when they’re committed by anybody else.

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