Superheroes washing children’s windows.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Pittsburgh Tribune-Review / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W

Reading the news is depressing, but every now and again you come across something like this and you get to smile for a moment.

Stunned patients at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh were treated to the unusual sight of Spider-Man and Captain America washing their windows.

Batman and Superman also joined in the clean-up, with the grime fighters on a mission to brighten the day of children battling illnesses.

Organiser Edward Matuizek, president of Allegheny Window Cleaning, said his superhero employees received a hero’s welcome from the surprised kids.

‘All the guys had tears of joy in their eyes behind the costumes – it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were,’ he explained.

Children rushed to the windows to see the experienced high-rise washers abseiling across the building attached to safety harnesses.

If you follow the pattern of everybody who did something before you, you’ll wind up with the same result.  But if you take a step outside the box and try something new, maybe even a little unorthodox, sure you might fail, but it’s the only way to achieve something really special.

This is creativity.  To an extent, it’s art.  It’s doing something different and counting on it meaning something to others.  It’s beautiful.  It’s the best of humanity.

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  • Glodson

    Ah, that’s sweet. I do like that.

    It is so easy to spread a little joy, a little happiness, in this life. It is tragic that we, as a species, don’t do this often enough.

  • Jaime Wise

    That’s amazing. It makes me want to be a window washer.

  • pjmaertz

    I work on the fourteenth floor of a building, and the washers come once or twice per year. Scares the shit out of me every time. But if they wore superhero costumes, that would be sick.

  • Drew

    They did this at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a few weeks ago as well.


    All of them were dressed as SpiderMan and they weren’t actually washing the windows, they were on the washing harnesses just swinging around the windows spinning and flipping, but without the washing squeegees.

  • IslandBrewer

    Marvel superheroes are totally better at washing windows than the DC superheroes.

    • Rory

      Maybe not better, but they certainly do it with more angst.