The 7 deadly sins of online gaming.

“Odds are that if you’re this obsessed with winning, losing is your natural state.”

This is so freaking true.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Gaming — powered by

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  • Katherine Lorraine, Tortue du Désert avec un Coupe-Boulon

    I would have put “yelling at your team” as Wrath.

  • Ken

    I remember playing Halo PC on a public server with some of my clan members one time when a team killer showed up. Not being able to ban the asshole ourselves on that server, we would usually just tk that person into submission until they quit.

    One time, seconds after a tk’er struck, one of our best clan players lobbed a sticky grenade at him; from an impossible distance across the map. But we knew he was really that good, so we all just stood transfixed, watching that unbelievable long high arc of a fuzzy glowing ball soar through the air. Far too many stretched-out seconds later it stuck right on the back of the asshole’s head and exploded a fraction of a second later.

    There are moments in every person’s life that we will remember forever with clarity. A first kiss, a wedding vow, a drive in a particular car on a particular night. For me, this was one of those moments…

    Remember: The war’s not over until the head of every team killer is stuck on a spike outside the gates! (The same rule as spammers.)

    • WMDKitty


  • baal

    1. Freaking hilarious
    2. Should be mandatory viewing before allowing certain folks into to on-line games.

  • M

    Some people do play to win. They’re good at the game, they want to get better, and nothing pisses them off like someone who is screwing around and wasting time not-winning (which is also called losing). My husband is working his way up the ladder in LoL, trying to fix the flaws in his play and get as good as he can be. Casual games are casual- you can “play for fun”, you can try out new champions and new builds and just mess around. But on the ladder, with consequences, if you’re not playing to win you’re wasting nine other people’s time.

    People are professional gamers. They got that way with an attitude of playing to win. That doesn’t mean they have to be bad people- screaming at team members is demoralizing to everyone, TK’ing is not-winning, spawn camping only works against bad players, etc. But people do play the games seriously, and if you don’t, you’re wasting their limited gaming time. Being bad is not a crime, but not playing to win? That is straight-up poor form.

    That said, these 7 sins are still true. Your one-line quote from the movie just set me off about “playing to win”, which is very different from exploiting.

  • baal

    ” They got that way with an attitude of playing to win. That doesn’t mean they have to be bad people- screaming at team members is demoralizing to everyone,”