Tuesday conversation: who are your four horsemen?

The people who were once go-to names for atheism are becoming less so.  Not necessarily because they are not good, but because new people are rising to the forefront.  It’s just the natural cycle of things.  So if you were to pick your own four horsemen of atheism as the movement stands right now, who would they be?

I think the archetype we elevate as celebrity atheist is changing.  It used to be all about knowledge, which is not a bad thing.  But there’s a reason that more people care about what Ray Lewis says than about what Richard Dawkins says.  Good information, presented in a dry fashion, will reach fewer minds.  So I think the way our movement is evolving is to want speakers and spokespeople who are still very smart, but who are capable of conveying information in an entertaining fashion.

Given that, if I were to pick four new horsemen they would be…

1.  Matt Dillahunty

This guy is the man.  If we have a better, more personable debater in our ranks, I’ve not seen them.

2.  Richard Carrier

Fucking genius.  The man is brilliant, sharper than Satan’s tongue, and hilarious.

3.  PZ Myers

Controversial, yes.  But nobody can deny that PZ writes and speaks in a way that makes people passionate.

4.  Greta Christina

One of the greatest wordsmiths in the biz, and a marvelous ambassador (who fulfills the role without ever giving ground to bullshit).

Nominate your team of the four most promising people to end religion.  (Don’t say me, or I’ll punch you)

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