What is the party of small government and fiscal responsibility up to in Arkansas?

In Arkansas a bill has been introduced that would siphon taxpayer dollars to religiously sectarian schools.  Father says it very well…

I am thoroughly disgusted with our new Republican controlled Arkansas legislature. I have never seen so much contempt for the constitution and established jurisprudence in such a short time as these clowns display. Two clearly unconstitutional abortion bills and now…..House Bill 1352, filed Thursday by Rep. Randy Alexander, R-Fayetteville, would allow funds from the Arkansas Better Chance Program to go to a “faith-based” preschool. The bill would remove this sentence from Arkansas Code Annotated 6-45-106(a)(1)(B): “All applications submitted by sectarian or sectarian-affiliated programs must first be reviewed to assure that any approval of funding will not result in a violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

As if SAYING it doesn’t violate the First Amendment means it IN FACT doesn’t violate it!?!

I am appalled by the blatant contempt for the constitution by these theocratic ideologues. They will squeal like stuck pigs about your gun rights but your freedom of religion, separation of church and state, and privacy rights can just take a hike as far as they’re concerned.

I’m angry and I’m getting frightened. Very frightened. THIS…THIS RIGHT HERE…..is exactly why I rail against religion. What is wrong with moderate Christians? They don’t stop the theocratic extremists and the cretinous legislators who pander to them. That’s what.

The AU and ACLU has already told the sponsor of this bill (and the 22 co-sponsors, lest you think this is the result of a fringe politician) that this will wind up in court and that the Tea Party reps will lose.  But like Jessica Ahlquist, the wingers don’t care.  Hell, it’s just taxpayer money and they’re happy to piss it away to lose for Jesus.

Of course, then they’ll turn around and gripe about Obama and wasteful spending by the government, right before painting themselves as the party of small government and fiscal responsibility.  “The economy’s so bad under Obama!”  And how is the GOP reacting?  By setting shit like this as their priority.

The GOP in its present configuration is the party of fiscal responsibility and small government like the Vatican is a role model for living modestly.

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