American Atheists going soft…just kidding, they’re as excellent as ever.

Oh American Atheists.  They’re putting up some billboards down in Texas that *gasp* quote Republicans on things they actually said (and which much of their base passionately believes).

Hey James Randi, watch me predict the future.  I predict that before the day is out we’ll start hearing the screams of persecution from people who have been in the racial and religious majority their entire lives (which helps them to not have a fucking clue what persecution feels like).  When asked to point out how they are being persecuted, they will extend their arms with enough force to nearly shatter bone at these billboards which have the audacity to say they are wrong.  That is persecution in the minds of many believers: “you’re wrong.”  Think I’m being too harsh?  Give it 24 hours.

You’d think Texans would thank them for the service, since most of them will nod in agreement at most of the words on the billboards.  Yet, somehow, they will find a way to be offended.  Perhaps it’s the “Go Godless” message that’ll do it.  The implicit message of the billboards is “don’t be like these obviously stupid people.”  It’s a message that will sail directly over the heads of many Texans.  They’ll look at those quotes and see completely reasonable people.  But there are some who were already thinking those things, even as they dressed their children for church.  They will hear it, and that is what will make this worthwhile.

Oh, and American Atheists went after some other bad people, with no weapons save for the plain truth.

As long as one could agree that protecting child abusers is bad, this message should resonate with them.  However, for many people who disdain the abuse of children it won’t resonate.  It has nothing to do with the compassion in these people’s hearts – it has everything to do with the cross around perpetrator’s neck.

Like I said, nothing but the plain, honest truth.

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